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  1. Keep reminding me!
  2. I'm in...we have four now!
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  3. Watch me get slain alive for dredging this thread up from the dead.

    Here's what I posted on another forum, just to update on how 2018 qualifying is going. (Yes, I even follow all the qualifying matches)

    Updated Projections:

    (The projections take into account projected points teams are predicted to get in upcoming fixtures)


    Asia Qualify for WC: Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia
    Asia Playoffs: Uzbekistan vs. Australia
    Asia Intercontinental Playoff Rep: Australia

    Africa Qualify for WC: Too early to project but group leaders are Congo DR, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Egypt

    CONCACAF Qualify for WC: Mexico, Costa Rica, USA
    CONCACAF Intercontinental Playoff Rep: Panama

    Asia/CONCACAF Playoff Matchup: Australia vs. Panama

    South America Clinched: Brazil
    South America Qualify for WC: Colombia, Uruguay, Chile
    South American Intercontinental Playoff Rep: Argentina

    Oceania Playoff Matchup: New Zealand vs. Tahiti
    Oceania Intercontinental Playoff Rep: New Zealand

    South America/Oceania Playoff Matchup: Argentina vs. New Zealand

    Europe Qualify for WC: France, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Poland, England, Spain, Belgium, Croatia
    Europe Playoffs: Sweden, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Iceland

    Red = In World Cup Now
    Green = Direct World Cup Qualification Looking Strong
    Blue = World Cup Qualification Possible Through Additional Playoffs/Matches
  4. Watch the womans football european championship finale this Sunday @DJHazey. It basically is me against @KamikazeHeart
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  5. I was following the scores because they aren't showing it on tv here. If they have on Fox Sports 1, I will definitely be tuned in.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Hello @ #14

    Congratulations @Sprockrooster! Looked like a crazy game considering the scoreline (nobody had it on TV here)
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  7. I missed it too but it is quite the happening here. More than anyone expected.
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  8. I swear it feels like Coutinho has been linked to Barcelona for about 50 years.
  9. Which countries would you like to see make it to next year's World Cup? October is the last push for many before the final playoffs in November. This is the breakdown I posted on another forum recently to help everyone see the picture:

    Pre-October update:

    Qualified: Russia, Brazil, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, South Korea, Saudi Arabia


    Syria vs. Australia (10/5 and 10/10) -- Winner plays the 4th place CONCACAF team.


    *each group winner advances to the World Cup. All groups play one more match in November.*

    Group A - Tunisia (10) - Congo DR (7)

    10/7: Congo DR at Libya
    10/7: Tunisia at Guinea

    Tunisia wins the group with a win/draw and Congo DR loss.

    Group B - Nigeria (10) - Zambia (7)

    10/7: Zambia at Nigeria

    Nigeria wins the group by winning this match.

    Group C - Ivory Coast (7) - Morocco (6) - Gabon (5) - Mali (2)

    10/6: Ivory Coast at Mali
    10/7: Gabon at Morocco

    Ivory Coast wins group with a win and Morocco loss.

    Group D - Burkina Faso (6) - Cape Verde Islands (6) - Senegal (5) - South Africa (1)

    10/7: Senegal at Cape Verde
    10/7: Burkina Faso at South Africa

    Nobody can win the group yet.

    Group E - Egypt (9) - Uganda (7) - Ghana (5)

    10/7: Ghana at Uganda
    10/8: Congo at Egypt

    Egypt wins the group with a win and a Ghana win or Ghana/Uganda match draw.


    *The top three teams advance to the World Cup and the 4th placed team plays the Syria/Australia winner from Asia.*

    Mexico (18) - Costa Rica (15) - Panama (10) - United States (9) - Honduras (9) - Trinidad & Tobago (3)

    10/6: Trinidad at Mexico
    10/6: Honduras at Costa Rica
    10/6: Panama at United States
    10/10: United States at Trinidad
    10/10: Costa Rica at Panama
    10/10: Mexico at Honduras

    Costa Rica advances to WC with any kind of positive result in either match. United States vs. Panama winner has the best chance to advance considering Honduras has a brutal schedule. Either Panama/USA/Honduras will go to playoff round with Asia.

    South America:

    Brazil (37) - Uruguay (27) - Colombia (26) - Peru (24) - Argentina (24) - Chile (23) - Paraguay (21) - Ecuador (20)

    *The top four from this part of the group would advance to the WC and the 5th place team (currently Argentina) would play New Zealand. Brazil has already adavanced.*

    10/5: Ecuador at Chile
    10/5: Paraguay at Colombia
    10/5: Peru at Argentina
    10/5: Uruguay at Venezuela
    10/10: Venezuela at Paraguay
    10/10: Bolivia at Uruguay
    10/10: Chile at Brazil
    10/10: Argentina at Ecuador
    10/10: Colombia at Peru


    *Each group winner advances to the World Cup. The eight best (out of nine) second-place teams with be drawn against each in four November playoff ties to determine the last four European teams advancing to the World Cup*

    Group A - France (17) - Sweden (16) - Netherlands (13) - Bulgaria (12)

    10/7: France at Bulgaria
    10/10: Sweden at Netherlands

    Sweden's best chance at winning this group is to have Bulgaria pull off that upset result against France. Then they would head to Amsterdam Arena with a chance to win and send the French to the playoffs.

    Group B - Switzerland (24) - Portugal (21)

    10/10: Switzerland at Portugal

    Doesn't get any bigger than this. If Portugal wins, then goal differential would see them over the Swiss.

    Group C - Germany (24) - Northern Ireland (19)

    10/5: Germany at Northern Ireland

    A Northern Ireland win would make things interesting, but not really as the Germans host Azerbaijan on the last match day. This is likely already your WC qualifier and playoff team from this group.

    Group D - Serbia (18) - Wales (14) - Ireland (13) - Austria (9)

    10/9: Ireland at Wales

    Serbia is likely winning this group, but that 10/9 match in Cardiff is going to be one of the bigger matches in each country's national team history. It will likely be winner goes to the playoffs and loser is out. How amazing would a "BAAAAAAALE!" moment be in like the 89th minute or something?

    Group E - Poland (19) - Montenegro (16) - Denmark (16)

    10/5: Denmark at Montenegro
    10/8: Montenegro at Poland

    It's undoubtedly a tall order, but if Montenegro grab two wins then they would qualify for their first World Cup. Denmark would need to win and get help. A draw would mean that Montenegro goes ahead since their goals scored and differential are amazingly the same and Montenegro won their first match 1-0 in Copenhagen.

    Group F - England (20) - Slovakia (15) - Slovenia (14) - Scotland (14)

    10/5: Slovenia at England
    10/5: Slovakia at Scotland
    10/8: Scotland at Slovenia

    For the Scottish to make a playoff run, they would likely need to get two wins. Unless they win big over Slovakia and then draw at Ljubliana.

    Group G - Spain (22) - Italy (19)

    It's pretty much elementary at this point. Spain are going to the World Cup and Italy is headed to the playoffs and becomes the team nobody wants to be drawn against.

    Group H - Belgium (22) - Bosnia (14) - Greece (13) - Cyprus (10)

    10/7: Belgium at Bosnia
    10/7: Greece at Cyprus
    10/10: Cyprus at Belgium

    It would be a huge miracle for Cyprus to make the playoffs, but they could spoil the party for Greece. The most likely scenario is that Bosnia needs to win their match vs. Belgium at home or see the Greeks head to the playoffs.

    Group I - Croatia (16) - Iceland (16) - Turkey (14) - Ukraine (14)

    10/6: Iceland at Turkey
    10/9: Croatia at Ukraine

    It really depends on who slips up in their big road game for Iceland and Croatia. If they both lose those games then suddenly Turkey and Ukraine may be playing for a trip to Russia next year.


    New Zealand faces the 5th place team from South America in a home-and-away playoff.
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  10. It's a shame there will be fewer European sides in the finals; yes it's made the qualifying groups ruthless this time, with several major nations either already out or unable to even get a play-off spot, but when the actual finals come around in 2018 I fear there will be a lot of one-sided matches, or the sort of backs-to-the-wall efforts at the last Euros we had when the small countries were packing the defence and hoping for a draw or a counter-attack. It made for some nice romantic headlines and media guff, but the games themselves at Euro 2016 were often dire until the semi-finals.
  11. I get what you're saying, but a lot of times when the 'big' teams play each other we get those kind of matches anyway, because neither side wants to get stretched out.

    There aren't less European teams in this World Cup at all, by the way. There will be 9 group winners and 4 from playoffs = 13. Then you add the hosts, Russia, and you have the 14 European sides that you normally have in any World Cup. The continental breakdown is exactly the same.

    One of the romantic stories from Euro 2016 was Iceland, but even if that tournament had only been 16 teams, they would have undoubtedly qualified anyway. Also, they are two wins from qualifying directly a group with Ukraine, Turkey, and they've earned themselves the chance to not be called minnows anymore.
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  12. Oh maybe I'm thinking of 2022, then. I'm sure I read that there are fewer slots for EU teams in an upcoming tournament.

    I like how the QF groups are more competitive this time, usually it's an absolute bore with the top spots a certainty. But then we're also seeing a decline of teams like Holland, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria in comparison to the 80s and 90s, while Wales, Iceland and N.Ireland are getting better all the time.
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  13. International football is dull as dishwater (sorry) … Sub-par teams (with the exception of Italy, Germany, Spain), awful (often xenophobic) commentary, face-painted fans, the FIFA gravy-train, ITV ... There’s just nothing much to like ...
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  15. Yeah Greece's shot isn't looking like a shoe-in right now is it?
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  16. Greece need Claudio Ranieri back.
  17. Only one playoff left and that's tonight between Peru and New Zealand. Many regulars or teams that were expected to qualify have missed the tournament this time including: Italy, Netherlands, United States, Ghana, Chile, Greece, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Honduras, Ukraine, and Ecuador.

    Here's how the pots will look on December 1st when groups are drawn. One team from each pot will be chosen to form a four-team group. The (#) is what I rank the team with my own formula (not FIFA's rankings).

    Pot 1

    Russia (42) Automatically assigned to Group A as hosts
    Brazil (1)
    Germany (3)
    Argentina (4)
    Portugal (5)
    France (6)
    Belgium (7)
    Poland (13)

    Pot 2

    Spain (2)
    England (9)
    Croatia (11)
    Colombia (12)
    Mexico (14)
    Switzerland (17)
    Peru (20)
    Uruguay (25)

    Pot 3

    Iran (8)
    Sweden (21)
    Egypt (22)
    Denmark (27)
    Senegal (29)
    Costa Rica (32)
    Iceland (35)
    Tunisia (38)

    Pot 4

    Morocco (10)
    Japan (16)
    Australia (30)
    South Korea (36)
    Nigeria (39)
    Serbia (44)
    Saudi Arabia (45)
    Panama (58)

    It's likely Peru will win at home tonight, so they'll be in Pot 2, Denmark in Pot 3, and Serbia in Pot 4. This is the first time they will be ranking the teams outright when they grouped pots by region in the past. I think FIFA underrates some Asian and African teams as you can see above. Spain being in Pot 2 also means there's a huge potential for a "group of death". Could you imagine a Brazil, Spain, Egypt, and Japan group. Madness because both Egypt and Japan are capable of getting results too.

    Since the American failed epically, I will be again supporting Iceland. So I'll be hoping for something like a Russia, Switzerland, Iceland, and Saudi Arabia group.
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  19. Sis...

    Where's the Belgian support?

    Start stanning!
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  20. I'll be partial to Belgium for sure, but without the Americans present my #1 team will be Iceland.
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