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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by eddy2375, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Woops, hold on I think Croatia just scored again against Greece.
  2. Here's the draw results. They ordered by how the top team will play their schedule. So in Group A, Russia plays Saudi Arabia, then Egypt, then Uruguay.

    Group A

    Saudi Arabia

    Group B


    Group C


    Group D


    Group E

    Costa Rica

    Group F

    South Korea

    Group G


    Group H

  3. If there's enough interest I'd be all for dividing up teams randomly and whenever one your team got points (3 for any win, 1 for any draw after regulation in the group stage aand after extra time in the knockout stage) then you'd simply total your points up at the end the one with the most wins.
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  4. My country is in death group dddd. I'm already done with this cup. I'm not.
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  5. If there's enough interest I'd be all for dividing up teams randomly and whenever one of your teams got points (3 for any win, 1 for any draw after regulation in the group stage and after extra time in the knockout stage) then you'd simply total your points up at the end. The one with the most wins.

    We could do random draw, I'd just use random number producing website. Or, we could take turns picking teams until they are all chosen. The latter seems more fun.
  6. I'd argue that Group F is the real 'group of death' with Germany, Mexico, and Sweden, plus a Korean team that is never an easy win.

    I always pull for Iran and I think they are underrated right now. I happen to have them ranked #8 in the world currently.
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  7. Can we do a prediction competition instead when the world cup starts? For example I predict the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia will be 3-1 and then I will get points if I predict correctly.
  8. Like you'd get a certain number of points if you guess a result correctly and bonus points if you also get the score right? That kind of thing? That sounds fun too.
  9. Yeah exactly. It will be fun if there's enough interest for it. There was a TV show with similar theme here in 2014 (and they will probably do it for this cup too since it was so popular) and I loved it.
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  10. I'd be more than happen to run it when the time comes.

    I'm sure there's a little group of people that would participate.
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  11. I set the recorder but have missed some of the pre-amble...hopefully the main draw itself didn't happen straight away. Have been avoiding the news tonight, so I can watch without knowing. Here's my Group Of Death for England:


    The holders, our 2016 nemesis, and a team we'll share a horrible 0-0 draw with crowd trouble afterwards.
  12. Wow, that was more fun than usual, I have to say. And a lot briefer.

    Salt'n'Lineker sure knows how to grease the palms of the rich and influential. Some gig to get, and he was his usual smugness personified.

    We avoided almost everyone I hoped we would, Belgium's a form team but they're managed by Roberto Martinez so there is always hope of a calamitous off-day for them. Poland might have looked a more favourable draw from Pot 1 but they're underrated.
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  13. Also, opening game...

    Russia vs Saudia Arabia.

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  14. Brazil, the Swiss, Serbia and Costa Rica could be a tough slog. I think Argentina's group will be the most intruging, if they're as poor as recent form suggests.
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  15. I didnot watch as both the blood from my homecountries Netherlands and Italy arenot here. I feel so at loss.

    So I might be going Iceland. Cause of the awesomeness they brought the previous time.
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  16. I just saw @DJHazey's comment about stanning Iceland.

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  17. It does feel strange not having Italy or Holland in the finals. But nevermind, we have Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
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  18. I love how @Remorque pretty much goes against half the forum by being drawn into a group with England.

    We have a while to plan it but how should the predictor game work as far as points? I'm thinking something like 3 points if you guess the winner or a draw correctly. Then get another another 2 bonus points if you also guess the score.
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  19. Who's interested in the World Cup Predicta game? You'd submit score predictions in this thread and for each result you get correct (the winner or a draw) you'd get 3 points and for each exact score you get correct you'll earn 2 more bonus points.

    Let me tag people that either discussed this during the draw or followed the last big tournament in this thread (Euro 2016).

    @Eric Generic
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