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  1. And anyone else that would be interested. I think we'd just have everyone post their scores for the entire group stage all at once to be fair before any of the games start (June 14th). I just wanted to get the ball rolling on things, I don't think anybody would have to post their scores until June.
  2. Yes I'll participate.
  3. I should probably make it its own thread too, so everyone knows where the matchups are and the leaderboard.
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  4. It's something I might be able to keep tagging me!
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  5. I saw a slightly different way of doing it that may be better. Still 3 points if you get the result right, but 1 point for each team's goals you get correct.


    If Belgium beat England 2:1.

    You'd get 3 points if you guessed Belgium won. 1 point if you said Belgium would have two goals and 1 point if you guessed England would have 1 goal.

    Guess = Points

    2:1 = 5 Points
    2:0 = 4 Points
    3:1 = 4 Points
    1:0 = 3 Points
    0:1 = 1 Point
    1:1 = 1 Point
    2:3 = 1 Point
    0:0 = 0 Points
    0:2 = 0 Points

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  6. I'll participate please.
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  7. Usually friendlies aren't much of indicator of a team's quality, but the set of friendlies leading up to a major tournament can be sometimes because managers will usually play their top players and get into form before the big games begin.

    Here are the major friendlies leading up to the World Cup in case you want to see how your favorite country is doing before Russia:

    Date - Venue - Matchup

    5/9 - Cadiz - Algeria vs. Saudi Arabia
    5/15 - Seville - Saudi Arabia vs. Greece
    5/18 - Tehran - Iran vs. Uzbekistan
    5/26 - Kuwait City - Kuwait vs. Egypt
    5/28 - Tehran - Iran vs. Turkey
    5/28 - Paris - France vs. Ireland
    5/28 - Braga - Portugal vs. Tunisia
    5/28 - St. Gallen - Italy vs. Saudi Arabia
    5/28 - Abuja - Nigeria vs. Congo DR
    5/29 - Lima - Peru - vs. Scotland
    5/29 - Los Angeles - Mexico vs. Wales
    5/29 - Buenos Aries - Argentina vs. Haiti
    5/29 - Panama City - Panama vs. Northern Ireland
    5/30 - Luxembourg - Luxembourg vs. Senegal
    5/30 - Yokohama - Japan vs. Ghana
    5/31 - Geneva - Morocco vs. Ukraine
    6/1 - St. Polten - Czech Republic vs. Australia
    6/1 - Nice - France vs. Italy
    6/1 - Sion - Tunisia vs. Turkey
    6/1 - Jeonju - South Korea vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina
    6/2 - London - England vs. Nigeria
    6/2 - Stockholm - Sweden vs. Denmark
    6/2 - Reykjavik - Iceland vs. Norway
    6/2 - Brussels - Belgium vs. Portugal
    6/2 - Klagenfurt - Austria vs. Germany
    6/2 - St. Gall - Saudi Arabia vs. Peru
    6/3 - Mexico City - Mexico vs. Scotland
    6/3 - Liverpool - Brazil vs. Croatia
    6/3 - Villarreal - Spain vs. Switzerland
    6/3 - San Jose - Costa Rica vs. Northern Ireland
    6/4 - Geneva - Morocco vs. Slovakia
    6/4 - Moscow - Russia vs. Turkey
    6/6 - Brussels - Belgium vs. Egypt
    6/6 - Oslo - Norway vs. Panama
    6/6 - St. Polten - Czech Republic vs. Nigeria
    6/7 - Leeds - England vs. Costa Rica
    6/7 - Lisbon - Portugal vs. Algeria
    6/7 - Reykjavik - Iceland vs. Ghana
    6/7 - TBD - South Korea vs. Bolivia
    6/8 - Lugano - Switzerland vs. Japan
    6/8 - Leverkusen - Germany vs. Saudi Arabia
    6/8 - Montevideo - Uruguay vs. Uzbekistan
    6/8 - Osijek - Croatia vs. Senegal
    6/8 - Tehran - Iran vs. Lithuania
    6/8 - Lugano - Switzerland vs. Japan
    6/8 - Poznan - Poland vs. Chile
    6/9 - Gothenburg - Sweden vs. Peru
    6/9 - Budapest - Hungary vs. Australia
    6/9 - Brondby - Denmark vs. Mexico
    6/9 - Lyon - France vs. USA
    6/9 - Krasnodar - Spain vs. Tunisia
    6/9 - Tallinn - Estonia vs. Morocco
    6/10 - Vienna - Austria vs. Brazil
    6/11 - TBD - South Korea vs. Senegal
    6/12 - Innsbruck - Paraguay vs. Japan
    6/12 - Warsaw - Poland vs. Lithuania

    Hazey's Darkhorses to watch here and in the tournament itself - Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Peru, Denmark, Senegal.

    Here are some teams to be careful about putting all your chips on - Russia, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, England, Colombia

    The biggest favorites to make at least the semis as far I'm concerned (mostly duh) - Portugal, Spain, France, Brazil, Germany, Belgium
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  8. Reading Belgium so much is making me MOIST for this tournament!

    I'm in, Hazey!
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  9. I'd be up for running a sweepstake if anyone's interested. PM to let me know. Winner gets my nudes unless you're a girl or not attracted to me.
  10. I'm going to running a 'Predicta' for the tournament probably will open a thread for it at the start of June.
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  11. 2018 World Cup - Hazey's Group by Group Preview:

    Group A

    Russia // Saudi Arabia // Egypt // Uruguay


    Analysis: Their last two tournaments (EURO 2016 and 2017 Confederations Cup) were both disasters and recent friendlies have not been encouraging either. The strong EURO 2008 squad has aged into the their mid-30s and most of that squad has been replaced by young players that are not proven as of yet.

    Key Player: Aleksandr Kokorin (Zenit St. Petersburg) - Having a career year for his club and is third leading scoring in the Europa League.

    Outlook: 3rd place in group stage

    Saudi Arabia

    Analysis: Returning to the World Cup for the first time since 2006, after defeating Japan 1-0 on the last day of Asian Qualifying. Their coach, who led them through the qualifying campaign, left the team shortly after due to a contract dispute. They've gone through a couple of coaches since and have settled on former Chile coach Juan Antonio Pizzi (who led Chile to the 2016 Copa Centenario win). Does he have enough time to become acquainted with his new team?

    Key Player: Mohammed Al-Sahlawi (Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia) - The 30 year-old was joint top scorer in Asian Qualification and has a flare for dramatic late-goals for his country.

    Outlook: 4th place in group stage


    Analysis: The current Egyptian squad is mostly an unknown to the international stage. The last few World Cup qualifying campaigns have ended in heartbreak, usually at the hands of Ghana. Seemingly, as if the CAF leaders were having a joke on Egypt's account, they were thrust into the same qualifying group as their nemesis...and they destroyed everyone including Ghana. This is a fast-paced young squad that is very fun to watch play; being a new generation that have all developed together. They made it to the 2017 African Cup of Nations final and it'll be enjoyable to see if they're ready for the big stage.

    Key Player: Mo Salah (Liverpool) - Unless you've been living under a rock, you know what Salah has been doing for Liverpool in both the Premier League and Champions League. Some have even said he may be the next Messi/Ronaldo. He can take a major step towards those lofty goals with a breakout tournament here.

    Outlook: Win the group, lose in Round of 16.


    Analysis: In recent years Uruguay have been a tough team to judge. They finished second to Brazil in South American World Cup Qualifying, but also were dreadful in the last couple Copa America tournaments. They can be a quick-trigger team capable of magnificent goals and attacking football but can also be a slow-footed, bogged-down team that struggles to get results. They are veteran squad that could go on a long run or be ousted in the group stage. wejustdontknow.gif

    Key Player: Luis Suarez (Barcelona) - Far from a one-man army (Edinson Cavani also leads a potent attack) Suarez is as polarizing a figure in international football as he is skilled. We all remember his biting incidents but he also single-handedly spurred on Uruguay's qualifying campaign. Despite finishing second, knowing what teams would qualify from this region was always in the balance, thanks to a string of results that can only be described as chaos. Suarez had many big moments to lead Uruguay to Russia.

    Outlook: Second in the group, lose in Round of 16.
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  12. I only just saw I was tagged in this, I look forward to your thread opening at the start of June.
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  13. Group B


    The reigning European champions cruised through European Qualifying with ease and won the EURO 2016 tournament with a "don't lose" rather than "let's win" play-style that saw them win only one game within 90 minutes (which made Ronaldo's ironic remarks against Iceland after a 1-1 draw laughable at best). They're trying to bring in a new generation, headlined by Andre Silva (AC Milan) and Bernardo Silva (Manchester City), but there are still questions so it will probably be the same cast of characters that lead the way.

    Key Player: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) - This might be his last major tournament and the advertisements in the United States are right when they say there's only one trophy missing in his trophy case.

    Outlook: Third in the group stage.


    There's been a bit of resurgence from Spain since the disastrous 2014 World Cup. The core of players that topped the international football world from 2008-2014 is mostly still here trying to "keep the band together for one last concert", but there has also been a large influx of young talents with names such as Marco Ascensio, Isco, and Alvaro Morata. The challenge will be just how this blend will look on such a big international stage.

    Key Player: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) - The passing skill and attacking firepower of Spain might not be on the same level that it used to be, but the defense is still world-class. Led by the captain, Ramos will have to keep the back-four in order if Spain want another shot at hosting the trophy.

    Outlook: Win the group, lose in final.


    Opposing coaches have learned in recent years, that overlooking this Iranian squad would be a foolish proposition. They have built one of the strongest defenses in the world and use a counter-attack offense to snipe opponents. They crushed it in Asian Qualifying, going undefeated in a group that included South Korea and bitter rival Uzbekistan -- and they only allowed two goals. They're undefeated in their last ten matches period, friendly or otherwise. This will probably be the most direct strategy you'll see in the tournament as they will not wow you by putting together huge passing combinations, but they love to get the ball to their talented strikers quickly and let them do their thing, usually employing long passes. If they were in a different group, they could challenge for a Round of 16 spot but this was a brutal draw.

    Key Player: Sadar Azmoun (Rubin Kazan in Russia) - He led Iran in scoring during qualifying and has been one of the country's best young scorers in recent times, but he has struggled in club play since going to Russia and will need to show better form here.

    Outlook: Fourth in group stage.


    It's been a long time since Morocco has been this good, making their first World Cup in twenty years. The hallmark of this squad is their defense, which only allowed one goal in a qualifying group that included Ivory Coast. They can score plenty too, including a 6-0 thrashing of Mali (who are no slouches in African competition) and 2-0 win away to Ivory Coast. Can this team surprise some people in they same way Algeria did in 2014? I think they might be able to do more than that.

    Key Player: Mehdi Benatia (Juventus) - As stated this team can score but even Spain and Portugal won't find it easy to penetrate a wall of defense led by Benatia.

    Outlook: Second in the group, lose in semifinals.
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  14. Kevin de Bruyne (Man C and Belgium) always reminds me of the kid in Far From Home:

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  15. Football fans of a certain age may have also noticed how familiar Liverpool's Mo Salah is to another iconic Scouser from days gone by:

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  16. I am way to busy with work, but this looks like so much fine. I am sorry if it is already mentioned but by what date do we have to send in our predictions. And I am already loving your thoughts @DJHazey as I desperately need them!
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  17. I'll be opening a thread at the beginning of June.

    That reminds me, shall we do all the first matches and having a running deadline for the start of the second group matches, and so on... that way people can get a feel for how teams are playing after their first matches and not be married to their opinion of a team for all three matches at once?
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  18. Ah. My workload is way down by then. Count me in! Tag me to remind me please.
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