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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jamie, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Missing 3 hours of Gary Neville on Monday Night Football is indeed a terrible loss...


    I'm not a huge fan of Sky's coverage, but it's still way ahead of the dismal BBC and their stuck-in-a-timewarp MOTD1 and awful jokey MOTD2 with some idiot bloke called Colin.

    Meanwhile, FINALLY my Fantasy team is ready to go. Couldn't log in for days. I joined both PJ leagues, so I expect I'll need to cancel one of them?

    Hard to tell which players are best at this stage, so I went with a mix of loyalty (Man City players, and regulars of mine from previous seasons) along with a few hunches as to who'll be wowing the Premiership this time.
  2. Oh, I see. I thought 23 pages was a bit much for footsie...
  3. A good game to play is betting on how many times Neville says 'without a shadow of a doubt' (funnily enough, one of Alan Shearers saysing - a man how never met a cliche he didn't like)
  4. I still can't fathom why Sky chose one of the most unpopular players (with fans), and one without any obvious screen presence or articulacy, to be the MNF expert. But then I tell myself, at least he isn't Andy Gray.
  5. Haha. Very true. And he has the worst facial hear since Adolf Hitler.... or Catweazle.

    Oh well, away to Gillingham tomorrow. That should provide some entertainment at least.
  6. Right, I have my team sorted for this year, finally.

    My quality players this time around are David Silva, Rooney, Van Persie and Asamoah Gyan. Watch as I get shot in the foot. My defence is made up of Gary Cahill and landfill from the likes of Norwich and Wigan.
  7. Christ, how did ou afford all those star names?! I obviously don't know my landfill well enough, haha. I may find a way to get Rooney into my team; the idea of Young and Rooney getting points was something I wanted to take advantage of, but I couldn't ignore my City boys. Aguero is like a bolt of lightning to the PL.
  8. I've gone with Drogba, Suarez and Aguero up front, with Danny Murphy and Walcott and Given/De Gea hopefully stopping me from haemorrhaging too many points.
  9. True, I would have liked to have gone with Aguero!

    Only thing that put me off City players though is the fact that there's so many of them. Consider up front- Aguero, Dzeko, Tevez, Adebayor, Roque Santa Cruz- among others I've forgotten. It's going to be hard to attain consistency. Arsenal will probably be in terminal decline, but Van Persie is the new captain, so he'll be likely to play nearly every game, and ping a few goals in while he's at it.

    I wish I could afford Vidic, but meh.
  10. London clubs are so soft. Arsenal and Tottenham got hammered today.

    Manchester United showing why we're champions.
  11. 8-2 is fucking insane.
  12. As a United fan I'm happy, but Arsenal need to get their act together - it's embarrassing. I remember being worried for Liverpool this time last year, but this is so, so much worse.
  13. What a load of cobblers (said respectfully)... Arsenal a team in crisis?! Pah! The team I support (and watch at home every 2 weeks) are bottom of the entire 92 team football league, the players and backroom staff haven't been paid for almost a year. Our players are all free transfers and loans, the manager (the legendary Peter Reid) had to pay last winter's heating bills out of his own pocket and auction off his FA Cup medal to pay the staff (tea lady and club shop staff).

    The premier league is la-la land. Who will be the crisis club next week?
  14. Surely you realise comparing Arsenal with Plymouth is stupid. I never used the word 'crisis', and obviously I'm referring to problems in relation to Arsenal's status as the cream of the top-flight crop.

    "The Sugababes only sold 20 000 copies of Sweet 7, but it's okay because Big Dave from down the road released his debut album, Pull My Finger and Other Pub Sounds and just about managed to shift 30 copies. Suga-success!"
  15. Haha, I love Big Dave.

    I'm an Arsenal fan and yesterday was not the usual 'frustrating' but instead it was heart-breaking. The annoying thing was that at points we (somehow) managed to seem like we could get back in it. With the penalty, when it hit 3-1, early in the second half. We took a lot more chances than we usually would. When I went to the Emirates to see the first leg of the Udinese game it was like Rosicky thought he would get deported or shot if he dared try a shot on target, and nobody but Gervinho was much more willing.
    Yesterday a few different players at least TRIED shooting rather than pass it around the box. So while it was humiliating, it was annoying on top of that as ASPECTS were the tiniest bit promising.

    Defence was weak, weak, weak and for our best player so far this season, Scezsney clearly wasn't having his best day to let in eight. EIGHT!!!! I would still blame the defence over him though.

    It's pretty much been a downward spiral since like, January. Wenger needs to swallow his pride and pull his finger out in the two days before transfer deadline. We all love and respect the way Arsenal do business, nobody is going to think you're a traitor to your morals just because you splashed out a little bit to replace the two giants we just lost.

    Sort it out before it's too late!!
  16. I was referring to the media using the term 'crisis' rather than you using it.

    That's the first time te Sugababes have been compared to Arsenal.
  17. Text from my Dad:

    "I'd 8 2 be Arsene Wenger right now. Didn't realise he'd brought the Arsenal Ladies team up to play us, did he?"

    I really don't know what Arsenal can do at the moment. Unfortunately, the Prem's pretty much a money game. Unless you've got mental oil billionaires bankrolling you, you're not getting the quality players. As a result, he's totally reliant on a gradually crumbling pre-made infrastructure. All these youth players that he gets that are waiting to blossom into brilliant players just aren't happening quickly enough. Planning too much for the future, Arsene's neglecting the present. Getting rid of Nasri and Fabregas, arguably your best players besides Van Persie and Arshavin, is just asking for trouble.

    I still think he can turn this round and still have them competing for the Top 4, but he needs to get it together and quickly. Pump some money in, get the midfield sorted, and work your way back. I'm a United fan, and I'd like to see the rivalry of old back- not the absolute walkover we had this weekend.

    In addition, I'm pretty concerned about the growth of shitty City. They've gotten brilliant a lot quicker than I was expecting, and that strikeforce. Eek. This season's going to be damn well exciting.

    (RE: Champions League draw- bring on the mighty Otelul Galati!)
  18. Now now, language! Haha. City fans have had a nightmare 30 years or so, don't begrudge us a fantasy football squad and equally fantastical results for a while. I agree that the improvement from the boring style of last season is remarkable - my guess is Mancini deliberately played it safe to ensure a top 4 finish. They played with so much negativity last season it drove me nuts.

    It's amazing how much support Wenger is getting; it's clear that we're into a Benitez-style endgame at Arsenal. He should either spend the 50-70m he's got before Wednesday on some proper grown-up players with PL nous, or quit and let someone else do the job.
  19. England's match, as per, a dull-fest.


    Spain 0 v 0 Liechtenstein
    Luxembourg 2 v 1 Albania

    If these matches stay like this, oh my god, I would explode with joy. GO MINNOWS!

    Edit: Full time and a 2 v 1 win for the mighty Luxembourg!!

    2nd Edit: Spain 2 v 0 Liechtenstein. Stupid World Cup winning fun ruiners. San Marino have 0 points and -49 goal difference including an 11 v 0 loss to the Netherlands though, there's a team that know how to do flopping correctly.
  20. It was alright.
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