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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jamie, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Pity we can't play Bulgaria every week.
  2. We lost 6-1. At home. I knew we weren't going to win (given the performance against Liverpool and how average we were against Otelul Galati, and how this is pretty much City's version of the Champions League Final), but that really was a shocking display.

    Christ all-frigging mighty. Deleting all City fans from my *reminds self that it's a marathon, not a sprint*
  3. I was all ready to start mocking about it (it was absolutely shambolic), but we're currently losing to QPFUCKINGR so I'll probably wait for a bit...
  4. Sucks to be you guys!

    QPR were good though.
  5. HA!

    Sorry, but....Best. Result. Ever.

    Well, in my lifetime, even *I* don't remember as far back as 1968.

    Germany 1, England 5 (2001) used to be the most insanely good result I ever saw. No longer! Oh the joy in hearing Fergie getting taunted with "you're getting sacked in the morning..". We've waited SO long for a day like that.
  6. It really was a heroic day, a day in modern footballing history even.

  7. I'm going to pour my belief into this Facebook status I saw:-

    Either way....I'm prepared to wait patiently for the egos of the Manchester City overpaid divas to implode. Then we will strike...
  8. Some shaky results of late but they have been results all the same and we've actually won all but the Tottenham game in recent memory (Arsenal)... we're on the right path at least.

    My, my, my, an excellent set of results the weekend just gone ;)
  9. Awkward moment when both Manchester teams are taken down by the same club inside a week...

  10. Shame about the league.
  11. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  12. No, but I'm pretty sure the Romans laid better foundations in 22 years...
  13. Well at least Liverpool beat United without the aid of dodgy refereeing, unlike the City game (yes, bitter much haha).

    I don't like Friday matches for the FA Cup. Not right.
  14. Meh, now King Kenny is back...time for a comeback!

    Haha I knew you'd be along...commiserations, although in fairness, I'd rather Liverpool had MC's league position, than their FA Cup scalp.
  15. A strong Liverpool is good for the game though (and the end of the Benitez era/destruction of the club was a blessed relief). If I were being fair, I could say that only Joe Hart kept City in that semi-final anyway (at least six point blank saves), but I'd rather blame a shocking refereeing decision!

    City are stuttering, but there is a streak of spirit there now which wasn't there last season. Losing Kompany has been the biggest blow (and such an injustice), but I'll be glad if Balotelli leaves sooner than later (and Tevez is out of the frame too, thankfully). He's a bad apple. If Man United weren't so poor, and Chelsea in transition, I'd be more worried about this blip.
  16. Is Tevez out of the frame, that straight swap deal seemed to come out of nowhere, and Man City didn't seem keen to let him go...although I wouldn't touch Carroll at this point with a bargepole.

    To be fair, you can't manufacture that kind of team spirit, it genuinely does just come from spending periods of time together, which the (relatively) same team has now been able to do there...I wouldn't want to predict a champion though, even though it's late(ish) in the season
  17. Ha, no there's a chance of City "doing a Newcastle", obviously. But they could do a Chelsea too, and finally get another title after decades without one.

    The Tevez siuation is odd; I'm assuming they want to hold out until the summer for a full offer from the continent. The owners have so much cash, that they're able to let him rot for as long as they want. Apparently Tevez has already lost £10m in bonuses and wages that he's forfeited since the bust-up!
  18. This whole Suarez saga is too funny. You really couldn't make it up.
  19. I'm a Liverpool fan but even I think it was a ridiculously childish thing to do. Talk about throwing gasoline under an already volatile situation.

    Then again, Evra's over the top celebrations at the end were a little out of hand too.

    In other news, Yakubu just scored again for Blackburn. Buy of the season for me so far!
  20. Would Evra have been like that if Suarez hadn't been a bellend at the start though? I suppose we'll never know. The whole thing is just ridiculous though. From Suarez pushing Ferdinand into Evra and onto his neck in the first five minutes to Kenny's refusal to say anything that would indicate him being a decent human being, I'm not sure it could have been any more of a PR balls up. Jamie Redknapp is a complete prat, too.
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