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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jamie, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Ugh the criticism of Kenny to not jump in & start playing mediator is silly, he's fiercely loyal to his players to a fault & clearly he sees that supporting Suarez is what would be best for the club overall. Hopefully he's had a stern word with him in private to ensure he grows up but selling him down the river to the press would hardly be a great idea.

    And yeah it would've all just been solved by him just being compliant at the start.

    What did Jamie Redknapp do??
  2. It was more the post-match interview where he was asked about the handshake and just refused to acknowledge that it even happened. He just kept saying "How many yellow cards were there?!" as if that was an answer to the question and then stormed off. It doesn't take a turncoat to say "He should have shaken his hand, and I'm disappointed it's marred what what a good game of football". I don't think there are many other managers out there that would be so bloody stupid about the whole thing - it just puts the whole club on moral eggshells for the ignorance of one player.

    Redknapp was just going on and on about how the handshake should have been cancelled and Suarez wasn't a bad guy and Rio should have been sent off for his (great) Suarez tackle. I know loyalty to your club is good, but when someone is found guilty of misconduct I think it's fucking stupid to go on defending it. It make you look like you're advocating the racist abuse.
  3. Oh right, sorry, hadn't seen any of the after-match stuff. If he was asked directly about it, I guess he should have addressed it. And that Rio tackle was perfectly fine in my book, Suarez needs to stop reacting to those types of things so combatively as well or he'll get in even more trouble.

    It was a pretty poor game actually to be honest. Hope results conspire to leave us still within a fighting shot at 4th.
  4. Only just saw the clip. That was always going to happen, let's be honest. Suarez has always a twat, racism or not. Of course he feels like the victim. I'm actually surprised they didn't skip the handshake altogether, really. It's a powder-keg fixture at the best of times.

    Dalgish does tend to back his players, but he's taken it to silly levels at this point, and it would take a fool to see that it's damaging the team. Even Alex Ferguson would have conceded the point by now.
  5. In other news, 3 points against Chelsea has made my day. I don't often get involved in football, being an Everton fan most often means its best not to unless you want to end up depressed, but this has made me happy.

    Rare times indeed.
  6. From what I've read it was Evra who instigated the half time drama too.

    They all just need to move the fuck on now.

    We're playing Brighton next weekend, that SHOULD be less dramatic than this weekend, but with LFC, who knows ha?
  7. I'm watching all the highlights back now of the Liverpool game, what the frack is Suarez on? Dalglish seriously needs to grow a pair of bollocks and penalise Suarez for this in the way he deserves. If this was Sir Alex or Harry Redknapp, he'd be fined and taken out the squad. You should leave matters like this at the door as soon as the final whistle goes in the game that the incident was played in. The fact the Suarez dragged this debacle out and went almost out his way to piss all over the fire with ridiculous comments and with diva fits like today is unacceptable. Shit role model and, given the game today, even shitter player.

    Either way, my dear United are back at the top and officially Slayin Ur Faves~~ once more.

    This is going to get exciting now, we always do better the second half of the season, we've got the injury problems starting to pass us by now, and it's all really a test of how well City can hold their nerve given the pressure.
  8. Newcastle are getting slaughtered.
  9. Aww christ, things are not looking good for my Fantasy League team. I've got Adebayor at one end who hasn't scored and Krul at the other who's let in 4 (so far).

    Worst week ever.
  10. Are you talking about Emmanuel 'Four Assists and a Goal' Adebayor...?
  11. Nobody is worse than me at Fantasy Football transfer/team tactics!

    This is the man who dropped Van Persie last week.....

  12. Ha, yeah hadn't realised he'd set up the four goals & this was before he finally scored. Still had Krul and Danny Simpson bleeding points so it was still only pretty average.
  13. Didn't get to see the game but so happy about the result!
  14. Feel a bit sorry for Mick McCarthy. But losing 5-1 at home to your neighbours, fter the run they've had, is never going to end any other way.

    City continue to play like a drain. No wonder Mancini is going to accept Tevez back.
  15. The BBC are saying Benitez is a favourite?

    Really? If that's true the mighty fall...
  16. I wouldn't be surprised. The end of his Liverpool reign, and Inter in general, really damaged his stock. I don't think I've even heard him linked with a major job since, and it's been a year. Could see him taking it just until the end of the season to build up his name again.
  17. What happens if they end up going down though, the little reputation he has left would be destroyed like...

    To think he's won the CL in the past 7 years, now the best he can get is Wolves!
  18. This is unrelated to the previous discussions - I just came on here to say I love Balotelli. What a ledge.
  19. 6-1 - Thank god.
  20. Liverpool have been threatening something like that for months (at home). You can say, oh it's only Brighton, but they couldn't beat supposedly smaller teams in the league.

    Stoke got lucky (despite it never being a red-card, Delap won the bloody ball). They're not an easy team to admire, always going a bit over the top with the physical stuff over the course of a whole game.

    Looks like the big sides have all got home draws (replays permitting), so who knows....Liverpool v Everton final?

    As for Balotelli, great talent and everything, but I wish he'd clear off from City. And take Tevez with him.
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