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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jamie, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Spurs drew 0-0, what happened!??!
  2. Scott Parker forgot whose goal-line he was on.
  3. Slightly specific to Ireland maybe but Trap finally called up James McLean to the squad thankfully, he's on fiyah this season!
  4. Considering he was a last minute addition, I imagine he'll only be a sub, at best. Trap is dire when it comes to change.
  5. What a day.

    My voice has actually gone from the shouting, but, just brilliant...they don't like doing things the easy way, I can say that much.

  6. Liverpool fan ain't you, James? Didn't even the smallest part of you root for Cardiff?

    As a United fan, it was a glorious thing to see the entirety of my Facebook unified in their anti-Liverpool sentiments. Still, won't Cardiff get through to Europe based on Liverpool probably getting there by finishing Top 6?

    As for United, whew. We never make it easy, but the 3 points is all that matters. Slightly concerning that we're still reliant on Giggs and Scholesy when together they have a joint age of about 370, but a win is a win- and away wins are hard to get these days. We're still in the title race. And in the Europa League! Bring on Bilbao.
  7. I am indeed (born and raised there, like you with Manchester (I think?)), and until the game itself no, but the way they worked like, seriously, if they pulled that kind of game on a regular basis, they'll definitely deserve their place in the PL for sure.

    Plus yeah, the chances are that we will, but you never fucking know with Liverpool, it's nice to have some assurance that we WILL be there next year, helps the club to plan ahead, and also it placates John Henry.

    However...tonight is for celebrating, and that I did, but tomorrow morning some very serious questions are going to have to be asked...basically, how the hell did Cardiff manage to run riot? Henderson and Carroll were a JOKE, I was in a pub in Dublin FFS, and he got booed when he was substituted like, Downing for once pulled his weight, Suarez, in fairness, just had a bad day, Bellamy was OK, very much a morale boost for the troops, and obviously Kuyt was our supersub! Skrtel...just, magnificent. He's a fantastic player, but doesn't court the press like some of them, so fades into the background, so his efforts, I don't think, are always recognised. Gerrard and Carragher were solid as always, but I do wonder where the next generation of Liverpool legends are going to come from, they sure as hell aren't on that team at the moment.

    I definitely think Liverpool need to rebuild further in the summer, however I do appreciate that some players have run their course, or not run it as the case may be, and will have to be shown the door...Carroll, I don't know what to think, he showed potential at Newcastle, and the price we paid was clearly for fulfilled potential, and to be blunt, he's failing, as is Torres at Chelsea. Whether he gets another year...I wouldn't want to be making that decision.
  8. The Spurs game was bloody awful. I think Arsenal decided to wake up after the second goal. But 5-2?!? I was not expecting that at all.

    As for The Cardiff/Liverpool game, what a match indeed!!! Felt very sorry for Cardiff after they clawed that second goal back right at the end.
  9. I'm so fucked off after that Liverpool match.

    I love Kuyt but here's a tip, if you stubbornly overrule someone to take a penalty you better damn well make sure it goes in. Idiot.

    Hitting the post for the 21st time this season as well....try some target practice on the training ground please.

    And then losing it all in injury time. Brilliant.

    They deserve everything they get which won't even be a Top 6 finish by the looks of it now.

  10. I'm glad I was working and missed it to be honest.
  11. I suppose Dalglish has bought himself more time with the Cup win, but if Roy Hodgson was overseeing this League campaign, there would be all sorts of vitriol flying his way.
  12. To Andres Villas-Boas, "gurl bye".

    I feel a bit sorry for the bloke. The Chelsea squad is obviously going through some massive transitions that are nothing to do with Andres himself. They're trying to re-hash their former glories with essentially the same squad they had years ago. There's not been any major arrivals to bring any new vitality or impact to the squad since Mourinho went. They were just looking for a scapegoat, really.

    They need for Abramovich to go into some of those oil millions and bring some new big hitters into the squad. So Torres has flopped hard (I thought he'd be a brilliant addition when they bought him, but egg on my face), but a new striker would not go amiss. Drogba's time is nearly up.

    Also, away to Tottenham today. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Now generally, we have a good track record against them, but they're in ridiculous form as of late...and we're..not so much. We had to pretty much go into Fergie time to edge past bloody Norwich last week, so this one's going to be a game changer in the title race.
  13. So much tension, my heart couldn't take it! Pleased with the result though. Except why on earth did Demba Ba take it? Shola's track record against Sunderland was surely enough!?

  14. In fairness, they're playing much better, things don't seem to be going there I said, there needs to be more rebuilding!

    Plus god bless Wolves, 5-0, with an injured player now...they are fucked.
  15. YASSS, my dear United didn't let me down. We totally dominated that game! Spurs had a few players missing, but we took full advantage. One of the most important games we'll have in a while. Now we've just got to maintain the form until those hellish last few fixtures we've got at the tail end of the season.

    1st place is definitely going to the wire this time around!
  16. So, AVB is gone. How depressingly inevitable. And daft. Chelsea are a complete joke, and it's not AVB's fault. Or any of the other 37 managers they've had in the last decade.

    The players are the problem now because they've been given the impression, over and over again, that when anything goes a bit wrong, its the manager (whoever happens to be boss that week) that's the blame, not them. And not Abramovich either, despite making a total hash of investing sensibly in a squad, and building intelligently for the future. He had his bright young boss, ready to axe a bunch of egotistic has-beens, and he panicked because they're in 5th place.

    It's easy to think Chelsea get what they deserve, with the utter lack of forward-thinking, and the culture within the squad that's bred an arrogance which makes them think they can get a manager sacked if they disagree with him.
  17. It's this blame culture that English football has now, it's so frustrating. Their win % under him isn't even that awful either. Abramovich has made some fucking awful decisions, it's all gone downhill for them after Ancelotti left.
  18. :s
    Shola comes up trumps again. Think we need to send Ba and Cisse to a 'Why we hate the Mackems and must beat the shit out of them' class.
    We shoulda won, stats say we were the better team, but we're still ahead of that lot so its all good. Cattermole is a thug though..
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