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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jamie, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Hahaha, so true. Even if I did think Demba played well on the whole..
  2. Wolves and Bolton look to be goners at this point.
  3. Yeah he did well, just a poor penalty on the day. Maybe it was meant to be that Shola got the equaliser.
  4. What a game, they did themselves proud, they really did, aggregate obviously counts, they still beat AC Milan 3-0!
  5. Oh I forgot about the Arsenal match, too busy waiting to see if Chelsea imploded in the FA Cup, haha.

    I had Arsenal down to win 6-1 on the night, 6-5 on agg, and RVP to score 4.
  6. My dear United are back at the top, where we belong! HBIC for now and forever. 6-1? Oh, yeah, that was cute...

    The remaining Premiership fixtures seem to swing the pendulum in United's favour:

    Man United:
    Wolves (A)
    Fulham (H)
    Blackburn (A)
    QPR (H)
    Wigan (A)
    Aston Villa (H)
    Everton (H)
    Man City (A)
    Swansea (H)
    Sunderland (A)

    Man City:
    Chelsea (H)
    Stoke (A)
    Sunderland (H)
    Arsenal (A)
    West Brom (H)
    Norwich (A)
    Wolves (A)
    Man Utd (H)
    Newcastle (A)
    QPR (H)

    I am, as the eternal pessimist, foreseeing United losing to City, and I reckon we'll drop points on at least one of those away games...but I think we've got a relatively nice run-in! City, however, away to Arsenal, Newcastle, Stoke- even Norwich and Wolves- best of luck picking maximum points up from all of them!

    Really, really hoping Chelsea can go and beat City now in a feat of pompous "we're still contenders even without a proper manager" brilliance. Or at least snatch a draw.

    As RuPaul would say, "Man United, don't f**k it up".
  7. I reckon the next four are going to decide it for City. Chelsea and Arsenal haven't been brilliant, but I think they'll step it up against the big dogs. Sunderland have been in surprising form lately, too. They should be above Liverpool!
  8. Sunderland have been brilliant, this is true! City have been totally imperious at home, though. I'm only hoping that Euro-fatigue and their patchy recent form will hold them back.

    United have been as unpredictable as fuck away from home though, so I would not count those Wolves and Blackburn chickens before they hatch.
  9. What happened between Van Persie and Krul?
  10. Bumsex.
  11. What a fabulous day to be a United fan! City scrape lucky as usual, but we've finally got the chance to nab those 2 points clear at the top on Monday.

    The frack is going on with Liverpool anyway these days? Do you guys just have crises twice or three times a season nowadays? Everton are home to West Brom and you're away to Newcastle, they're pretty much dead on to overtake your 7th place...
  12. Very happy with todays result, good away performance, shame about the injury to Colo though.
  13. Liverpool are a mess. I was never fooled by Dalglish, and still think Woy Hodgson got a raw deal there. I'd take him as England boss above anyone else.

    I will however readily admit I thought Arsenal were fucked earlier in the season. Well and truly buggered. Top half looked beyond them. And now look where they are.

    The question for Chelski now is, will they even get 5th!?
  14. I don't even know what to say at this point, or where to go? Dumping a manager is easy enough, what the hell do you do with the massively overpriced, overpaid players?!

    Also, I didn't know we were subsidising a massive percentage of Joe Cole's £130,000 a week for Lille, I'd have him back in Liverpool than be paying him to play there!
  15. Joe Cole is a quality player (christ, I sound like Harry Redknapp now), any team would benefit from his presence.

    Apparently, each cross that Stewart Downing has made (as he has no goals and no assists in the PL despite his £20m pricetag) has cost something like £700,000!

    £100m and most of it appears to be a waste of money (Suarez aside).
  16. I'm seriously hoping we (Everton) can beat Sunderland tonight and get to Wembley again. I went to the semi-final a couple of years ago against United when we beat them and it was honestly one of the best experiences ever.

    Granted we lost in the final against Chelsea but still.
  17. 2nd Everton goal really was a work of art.
  18. Another Merseyside derby so coming up, the scousers on tour in London!

    Should be a incredible night for sure.
  19. Re: Footie


    The Premiership is ours. Probably. Who would have thunk it after that 6-1 game?
  20. Re: Footie

    I wouldn\'t have bet against it per se, you just never know where Fergie is concerned!
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