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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jamie, Apr 14, 2010.

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    What did I say about least Mancini\'s finally seen the light when it\'s too late and the campaign\'s gone down the toilet to realise he has to be kicked out of the club. Disgraceful performance against Arsenal, and amazingly the FA won\'t be taking action over the Song tackle?! He almost broke Song\'s bloody leg. Christ almighty.

    United deserve the title, City have choked when it mattered. I\'d say the turning point was 10 minutes into that 3rd round FA Cup tie. City all over Man U, then Kompany slides in on a wet pitch. Red card. Bedlam. Beaten 3-2. Sense of injustice. Loss of key player. That\'s where the meltdown started. City are too fragile to rise above something like that at the moment. It\'s only the second season as a team for most of these players. Scholes coming back also seems to have made a huge difference. United\'s midfield was a shambles until the New Year.

    Should they sack Mancini? Hard to say. As a fan, I quite like him, although I\'d question his loyalty in Balotelli and his backing down in the Tevez saga. Can\'t really see who else could do a better job in the circumstances; I\'d rather see what he can do after a summer of jettisoning the troublemakers and bringing in some leaders of men. We were 3rd, now (probably!) 2nd (Arsenal could nick it, mind) and next season..who knows. We\'re in the CL, too.

    Just please, get rid of Balotelli and Tevez. Whatever the cost.
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    Yeah stop moaning haha, try being a Liverpool supporter at this point...



    Absolute disaster, lurching from crisis to crisis, with absolutely no sign of any easing up...I'll be watching the FA Cup Semi Final with bated breath I can tell you now, with Jones (or less likely Gulasci) in goal.
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    We do not discuss the footballing events of last night, nor did they exist.

    Nice 8 point gap we have at the top!
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    While we're in wishful thinking mode, can we go back and freeze the Premiership table after that 6-1 at Old Trafford, haha.
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    AMAZING. So proud of our boys for bringing that back!

    Bet all the Man U fans didn't expect that did they? Premiership title race is BACK ON.
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    Getting into the Champions League final by scoring two goals away to Barcelona, with just ten men. WHEN will your faves?

    Seriously, that was nerve-wracking as hell to watch. Especially with Terry being a twat. I'm kinda pleased with that now, though. Means he might not get a medal either way now.
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    In a season of improbable scores, ridiculous matches and all-round craziness, we just had a week to top them all.
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    ROBBED. Too angry to construct a thoughtful post at the moment!
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    How robbed? It was incredibly unlucky, but by the rules it wasn't a goal. If it had been given, and Liverpool then ground out a win, then it would have been slightly unfair. It definitely is yet another case for goal line technology, there's no way a ref could be entirely confident about making that decision. He could have made a big mistake.
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    I don't understand why they don't have goal line technology yet, rugby are light years ahead in technology terms.
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    As a Manchester United fan, I'm clinging on to the sole notion that the only other big team to have no success this season is Barcelona.

    We're on the same level as Barcelona. And I'm okay with that.
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    Barca's lack of success appears to have sent Messi into something of a meltdown; he fluffed the CL semis, then gets booked for a very un-Messi foul, before getting involved in racism rows back in La Liga. To score 60 goals in a season and yet see your club end up with nothing must be maddening.

    I'm not going to comment on City's possible fate. There is a particular mix of scores in the City and United matches which doesn't involve everyone winning or losing but would suit me just fine because I have family roots in the QPR heartland, so we'll see what happens. I just looked back at what I wrote at various stages of the run-in, and raised a wry smile at the "it's all over" defeatism. But then, gimme a break, this is a City fan's lot. It was never going to be a stroll from August to May.
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    Football, bloody hell eh. That was a total WTF afternoon of madness. I still need to rewatch it on MOTD to convince myself City actually did win 3-2. Crazy, crazy stuff.
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    I was dead pleased to see Man Utd not win, especially as it was so close in the end. Not a huge fan of Man City but I'm glad they won.

    And Joey Barton is an utter bellend.
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    Thankyou to Stoke City, by the way, for saving QPR and thus providing the perfect end result to the day's insanity. It's harsh on Bolton, but you looked at that QPR line-up at the start of the match and it's far too good (on paper) to have been playing in the Championship. Of course, the whole team would probably have been sold off if they'd gone down, and Hughes would have quit, etc etc.

    Joey Barton looked to have provided the only bit of light relief (for a City fan) on the afternoon until 90 minutes into the game. And it just had to have Tevez and Balotelli involved as he left the pitch as well. Pure farce.
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    The looney season has already started, and United are roughly 3/1 to win next year's Premiership. I'm putting £20 on that!

    Well done City, but you only got it on goal difference in the end. You know you can't keep Fergie down. We're coming back next season with more to play for, more to prove and more to earn.

    We had a lot of key players out for a really long time, and lost some huge huge points in the process (Champs League exit, FA Cup exit, Carling Cup exit etc). We need to sort the midfield out and get rid of those bloody Glazers. Only got ourselves to blame though when we lose to Wigan and can't get 3 points at home to Everton.

    But enjoy it while it lasts, City!
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    City won't make such hard work of things next season, now Mancini will have even more authority, and the players more confidence as well. They've proved they're not chokers. I'd love to see Balotelli and Tevez gone, but I'm not sure if that'll happen anymore. There was talk of Dzeko going for most of the season, but I always rated him. You need a big man up top, it can't all be tikka-tikka fiddling around and trying to pass the bloody thing into the net. Nasri drives me up the wall with that, but he picked up that habit from Arsenal.

    Villa fans have got what they wanted...McLeish is out. Can't say he was ever the right man for that job, regardless of the Birmingham connection. He'd seen his team get relegated twice in three years, and nearly took Villa down as well!
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    Let's revive this thread.

    England are winning, yay!
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    There have been so many draws. It's mildly annoying.
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