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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jamie, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. K94


    Re: Footie

    Bale was FIYAH today - brilliant shots and brilliant goals. Definitely needed a result like that even though Man U's last minute win pissed me off a bit.
  2. Re: Footie

    RvP is doing my fantasy team wonders at the moment.
  3. K94


    Re: Footie

    He's on fire - It's nice seeing Arsenal fans seethe at his success.

    Another great result for Spurs today - Lennon has been on good form lately.
  4. Re: Footie

    Re: RVP - Likewise. I should loathe him, for what he's doing to City's season, but he's pure class. No fan would turn down the chance for their club to have hm if they could.

    And, speaking of Fantasy Football...I finally get Michu in my team, thanks to Yaya buggering off to the Africa Cup Of Nations. Apparently he's a midlfielder?!!!
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