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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Minorkey, Jul 3, 2017.

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    No thread for this chap? Between him stanning for Siobhan Donaghy's "Ghosts" on Instagram and revealing he worked for Xenomania in the past, I'm ready for this guy to cross over and do some derk-pop productions (he wouldn't, but it's nice to dream).
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  3. Only took notice after he dropped that incredible 45 minute Bjork remix a few weeks ago but I've been listening to his album on Spotify. Had no idea he was a Siobhan fan, how strange. Where's the receipts on him working with Xenomania?

    This is a bawp, somewhere between DJ Shadow and Arthur Russell (come to think of it now there's probably a bit of Ghosts in there too):

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  5. I really like these videos, I don't know why.
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  6. There's a 45 minute long version of "Stonemilker" in existence? Oh, my god, yes!
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  7. Never heard of him before opening this thread, but seriously considering getting his newest album now, previews sound great!
  8. So thanks to this thread I bought his album and I'm really enjoying it. Panic and Raw Language are my favourite too, but it sounds great as a "body of work".

    I wondered, does anyone have any recommendations of similar artists? Especially ones that are more instrumental than vocal. Thanks!
  9. I love this guy, Engravings is one of my favourite albums of 2013.

    Imagine a Bjork album comprised of productions by Forest Swords, Guy Sigsworth and The Haxan Cloak
  10. He's released two new songs today which are from the album sessions. "All proceeds go to ongoing and future aid work in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Mexico, following the recent hurricane and earthquake devastation there."

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  11. Queen of having taste apart from when it comes to her own releases

  12. He listed MUNA as one of his fav 2017 releases amidst a sea of leftfield albums. Amazing.

  13. He is curating the next DJ Kicks compilation! Huge. There's one exclusive track of his on it, and from the snippet it sounds like some sort of grungy version of Fever Ray. Here for it

  14. The whole thing is out now and sounds great.

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  15. So this is amazing. I got the CD version because it's mixed (rather than the vinyl, which seems to be split into the individual tracks) and it's completely blown my wig off: weird in parts, but filled with obscure bops from across the 80s/90s/00s, and his own track is one of the best on there which bodes well for his next album.

    I need him to be working with Bjork/Kelela/FKA Twigs etc soon. We stan a ginger experimentalist.
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  16. I bought the iTunes mixed tracks version, which I’m glad I noticed before buying the unmixed version. I love his own track on it. I’m looking forward to his next album.

    Do you have any recommendations for similar styled artists?
    Also has anyone listened to any of the other DJ-Kicks albums? Any they any good?
  17. As far as I know DJ-Kicks are generally quite dancefloor-oriented so this one is definitely quite different. I've not heard any previously but they're quite well respected seemingly.

    As far as similar artists... really nothing sounds like him. But I guess you could check out a few of his peers like Tim Hecker, Oneohtrix Point Never, Andy Stott (not that they necessarily sound like him, but all turn up in his 'similar artists' on Spotify).
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  18. His DJ Kicks entry is kind of an anomaly, most others are more on the clubby side.

    Joakim comes to mind, he's all over the place sonically but his last album has tracks with that same kind of vibe.

    Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement is on the darker, ambient swampy dub side. He's a personal fave of mine.

    I would too highly recommend a rare comp called "Tropical Drums of Deutschland," it's a bit more kitsch and esoteric but percussion-heavy and makes for a lovely 'mood' home listening.

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  19. New visual for Crow off his DJ Kicks is amazing. Like Ghost In The Shell but set in future Greece(?!). I would definitely be stanning this aesthetic moving forward.

  20. He needs to branch into movie scores pronto.
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