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Forgotten late 90s/early 00s bops

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Aka singles that were minor hits but never got any huge recognition yet remain stuck in your head. That was the 'conveyor belt of pop' era where so many new acts came out wishing to cash in on the burgeoning bubble gum pop/R & B music scene - and lots of them had only a few quick Top 20/40 hits and got dropped within a year.

    (feat Celena of Honeyz fame's cousin)

    (Failed UK Ashanti)

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    Hinda deserved better

  3. I wish the "conveyor belt of pop" era would come back. It seemed like every week there were several pop singles worth buying. Oh, the agony of having to decide which new release to buy in Our Price. Do I get the CD single that's £2.99 or shall I buy 3 on cassette for 99p each?

    And it baffles me that labels continue to sign the tedious "take me seriously" artists we seen in these "Sound of" lists that sink without a trace, when acts like Little Mix and songs like "Rockabye" just show that there's a lot of people out there that just want straightforward pop. Not with an edge.

    Having said that, looking back at some of the acts from this era now - you do have to wonder, what on Earth were the label thinking spending hundreds of thousands of pounds trying to market a pop band that had no lookers, no singers and no songs.
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  4. My personal choice!
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    He showed up again in The Voice UK season 1 but this was a BANGER

    Aka clearly an attempt at having a 'UK Ja Rule' but this still knocks

    I believe Precious had the potential to be bigger than they were but they were let down by bland marketing, big gap between Say It Again and Rewind (almost a year), and they were just very vanilla.
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  6. It's All Gravy is a gem I can't help but like!

    A bit like this one:
  7. Ok, so pushing mid 00's now (late 2004 this one), but another great tune. And no, ain't a die hard Christina Milian fan, but man, she did some bops!

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  8. This sadly flopped in the infamous Christmas 1999 chart and caused their label to quickly abandon this project that cost about £1m
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  9. Bliss cover from 2002!
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  10. Speaking of Christmas 1999 week another swansong from a failed boy/girl teen pop duo

    And this massive flop of a lead single from Cleopatra's second album which never got released in the UK due to this underperformance

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  11. Never heard of that Cleopatra one! Thanks for that one, quite like it.

  12. When most (well all five of us that remember them) talk about Bardot, it tends to be about 'Poison' or 'ASAP' but this is THE song that always stood out to me. Pure pop perfection.
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  13. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if most people think they just vanished after their I Want You Back cover or A Touch of Love
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  14. I am one of those he he.
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  15. This was the US lead single from Cleopatra's second album but it never got a UK release

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  16. They seemed to have changed such alot in just 2 years I think.
  17. Soooo many flop girlbands from the 90s/00s that I love!

    I was the kiss of death for many a girlband - if I loved you, you would release 2 or 3 singles before having your album cancelled.
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  18. Sigh. These girls could have gone further if the label had released the fucking album after their second single which was their biggest hit and not waiting for a third flop single to launch it.
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  19. Is that Rita Simons in the first screenshot?
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  20. Amen! This and Dumb were both such joys! The later being the best song of 2004 in my view. Classy bop.
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