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Forgotten late 90s/early 00s bops

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. On investigating Trouser Enthusiasts remixes I never knew existed, I came across this. It didn’t even make the Top 200 so I’m not sure anyone knew it to even forget it.

    They seemed very much like an alternate version of Saint Etienne. Especially on this 1998 single which has a cover that heavily resembles the CD2 back cover of Saint Etienne’s 1998 single Sylvie (which also had a Trouser Enthusiasts Mix).

    And even more ironically, someone seems to have done a few remixes of this song (on Spotify) attributing the featured artists as “Saint Ettien”!
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  2. While we're at it - those Germans also shamelessly copied Nelly and Kelly Rowland's Dilemma almost to copyright infringement inducing levels

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  3. They had a US hit, with On My Own.
  4. I distinctly remember these two giving a promo interview on CBBC and being very smug that they were going to get a top ten, and even an number one.
  5. Let's ...not rejoice in two black kid's misfortunes.
  6. When I was 10, I stuck tons of stickers of this video that I got in an issue of Smash Hits all over one of my copybooks. I was made remove them. I really didn't see the problem at the time.
  7. I had those same stickers all over my bedroom wardrobe. I balanced it out with the other music video ones but there was clearly just one set I was ogling everyday.
  8. I'm not even joking when I say this is probably in my top 10 favourite songs of all time.

    I always feel like Popjustice is one of the very few corners on the internet that remembers and appreciates this song.
  9. Ah 'Don't Think I'm Not'! I guess most just know her for RHOA now, but 'Fly Above' really is a beast of a song too.
  10. Ddd I Breathe Again is kind of awful but it's such a campy bop.
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  11. Speaking of Mexican American pop fabulousness:

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  12. This thread is giving me so much life. Thanks to everyone for reminding me of some stellar bops!

    Here are some more forgotten classics:

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  13. This thread got me through my first post Christmas/New Year workout yesterday.

    Here's a couple of my forgotten bops:

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  14. And lets not forget:


  15. These aren't really forgotten?

  16. From what is definitely one of my favourite albums ever. Loved this whole anti-pop princess schtick before it was even a thing. I was actually quite surprised she never even tried to follow it up, even considering the major floppage!

    I loved their second album, even though Jonas Berggren (Ace of Base) wasn't involved anymore. Their sound got more "generic", for sure, but they managed to get quite a lot of good songs for their sophomore album.

    "Donna's Prayer" wasn't answered the same way "Mary's" was, I guess. But still a great tune! Actually, according to Wiki, this was a hit... #9 in Austria!

    Her second album was SO overlooked it kills me. Surely it didn't have anything as instant as "Mouth", but the album, overall, is really better than her debut (and that one was actually quite good too).

    Absolutely love this. Both it and "Sober" might not be on the "Crush" level but definitely deserved more success, IMO.
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  17. I forgot about Fifth Avenue coming to my secondary school and they performed this! Wish this had cracked the charts!

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  18. I completely forgot about this song. Didn't the blond girl die a while back?
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