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Forgotten late 90s/early 00s bops

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Yeah Beverley. Not quite sure what happened. RIP
  2. This was my favourite song of 2002!
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  3. I actually prefer "Always You" to "Crush". Shame it didn't do so well
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  4. I do, too. It's just that "Crush" sounds more "instant" to me. "Always You" took a bit to grow on me, but when it did, it was definitely my favorite. It even topped my personal chart, while "Crush" didn't.

  5. There's something very "On A Night Like This" about "Fairytale", I think.
  6. Wait...
    didn't faceless dance act usually hire some good-looking girl to front the whole project? Someone who could sell a song despite never being featured on it? Then what is is:

    I don't think I have ever seen anyone so uncomfortable, awkward and down-right tortured in a music video. I love youtube loopholes.
  7. I have this on CD single somewhere! Loved it, but I only knew it because it used to play on loop at work.
  8. I have their album, this single and the Infidelity single too. I can't find that video on youtube though.

    Also; more late 00's really but I loved another Irish band - Industry

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  9. My Baby's Waiting was such a moment, I was shook that something so unabashed came from a boy/girl group in that year!
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  10. I was stanning for them hard when they came out with this. I was really hoping it would get released in the UK but alas it never happened. At least Donal is doing very well - I follow him on Instagram and has recently had a baby, living in LA with his Swedish wife, cooking lovely meals which I get his recipe books for.
  11. I low-key live for the Big Brother 8 contestants who released singles shortly after the series.

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  12. I love this thread... it has reminded me of some serious tunes!

    Late 90’s, early 00’s is my favourite! I’m actually going to Popworld next weekend.
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  13. Oh hai!

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  14. It was such a fun time for music ! I think everything these days tries too hard to be serious and credible I think.
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  15. Brings me right back to the school disco
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  16. Dannii Minogue - disremembrance (amazing song that was ahead of its time) and rarely talked about .
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  17. Not to mention the superb Everything I Wanted!
  18. I love this song. I thought @Mina and I were the only ones here who liked them!

    This was their big bop single:

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