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Forgotten late 90s/early 00s bops

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Least we forget:

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  2. Some late 90's continental European hip hop bops:

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  3. Hooked on this one lately.
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  4. An R&B classic. What a (midtempo) bop.
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  5. Some of my faves. I've put them in a spoiler cause there's a good few.

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  6. The early 2010s were also great for some feelgood EDM bops

    These felt big at the time they were out but I feel like they've kind of been forgotten now
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  7. Ooh I really loved that Cover Drive album actually. Full of ridiculously catchy bops!
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  8. The second album was good as well. It’s a shame nobody cared by the time it actually came out.

    Grapefruit Perrier was a bop.
  9. Oop didn't realize they had one.
  10. It only came out last year. It's called Fall Forward.

  11. Naturally I'm a Soluna stan as well @londonrain @Mina. This mix gives me life:
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  12. But which one of us three will be the first to enter one of their songs in PJ00s?
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  13. I've thought about it, but figured it'd flop in that contest. The Monday Mi Amor remixes remain amazing by the way.
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  14. I fear floppage as well *sad face.*
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  15. #JusticeForMondayMiAmorThunderpussRadioMix
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  16. Indeed! The problem is that Latin songs, unless they are bops featuring hot guys dancing in the background:

    (7th place, round 2)

    Tend not to do well in PJ00s.

    You should join us next round, though, @Santi319!
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  17. I have no idea where is this taking place? Lol and Paulina FTW always!!!

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  18. We live in the Charts, rates, etc. subforum!

    Basically PJ00s is a song contest featuring relatively obscure gems released during the '00s. @londonrain and I started it last year, and it dovetails with PJOPS, the pre-2000 obscure song contest, and PJSC, which leans toward obscure current music. Round 4 just finished last week, and @Hudweiser is starting round 5 soonish. Each round you can choose an underrated, obscure fave from the '00s to enter, and then once the list of songs submitted by everyone is revealed, you can vote for your 10 favorites (excluding your own song) in a Eurovision-style ballot and hopefully revisit some old memories and make some new favorites along the way. I've linked the round summaries here, containing the song list, the results, etc.

    In fact, this topic of forgotten late '90s/early '00s is so on point for PJ00s (the post-2000 ones anyway!).
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  19. Ohhhh fun!! I already have several songs I can think of..
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  20. Good follow up.
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