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'Forgotten' Songs of the 1980's

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Just brilliant @Eric Generic

    Minnie The Moocher turned up on Telstar's Rhythm Of The Sun
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  2. Thanks! It turned out quite well in the end. Amazing how a seemingly disparate bunch of tracks can end up working so well as a CD.
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  3. I discovered last year that the 7” of Minnie The Moocher actually contained the LP version and was mislabelled. I bought the Rhythm Of The Sun compilation and then their eponymous album to get the longer version. Definitely not any of the singers from Was (Not Was), I think they we’re British and featured on Soul II Soul’s second single ‘Feel Free’.
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  4. That's what I always assumed, it's just the singer sounded very much like the guy who sings Out Come The Freaks and the gentler Was singles. I'll have to dig my CD-single out and see if it sheds any light.
  5. I can’t find any mention of them in Smash Hits. I don’t know how the song got in the top 40 (how it was promoted) it spent 3 weeks there over Christmas reaching a high of #35. The album didn’t chart.
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  6. R1 - not sure which DJ, could have been one of the bigger ones at the time - was really behind it, and gave it plenty of promo. It was treated as a bit of a novelty single, ripe for the pre-Xmas market where more unusual stuff gets a chance. Listening to it properly again this week, I was surprised how well it has aged. I wasn't a huge fan of it at the time.
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  7. Brilliant song.
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  8. Diana Ross had some great 80s songs that don't get the kind of acknowledgement they deserve.

  9. Should have been huge, easily their best song IMO.

  10. Only heard this for the first time today

  11. It's been a big hit on the Popjustice retrochart.
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  12. Used to hear that quite a lot at the time, or soon after release, even though it wasn't a big hit in the UK.

    I think perhaps Laser 558 or Radio Luxembourg had a fondness for its Collinsesque thumpiness.
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  13. The reason it sounds like Phil Collins is because it is Phil Collins.
  14. It's so Phil Collins-y if it were released in the modern era it'd be Phil Collins ft Frida.
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  15. That bloody Phil Collins bloke was everywhere in the 80s....Adam Ant, Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, John Martyn, Frida, Phillip Bailey, and some band called Genesis?
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  16. Peter Gabriel and Howard Jones too
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  17. No wonder his body's packed up on him!
  18. Frida’s, “Somethings Going On” album is great but very Phil Collins sounding. “Shine”, despite being less successful, is much better.

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  19. Speaking of ABBA solo, it’s criminal that this wasn’t a monster hit. Quite why Agnetha decided to release “The Heat Is On” as the lead single is beyond me. This is a killer!!

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