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'Forgotten' Songs of the 1980's

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Regina - ''Head On''...

  2. Why have they labelled Forgotten Town 7" single edited version?
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  3. That's a mystery - it's repeated on a few versions of the track. 7" is around 4 mins as I recall.
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  4. Yes it was about 3:59. The Christians eponymous album reissue didn’t list it as anything more than ‘Forgotten Town’ so where did Spotify get that info from? This is the sort of misinformation that leads to songs being incorrectly used on compilations amongst other things.
  5. One of my favourites - got two releases in the UK but only made number 50. Such a great pop song.
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  6. Perhaps Pat's version isn't quite as forgotten as the original by Rachel Sweet, both are great...

  7. Pat has a writing credit but I hadn’t realised that 75 percent of the lyrics are different
  8. Here's Part 5

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  9. Sublime.

    I came close to including The Skids on my retro fantasy NOWs.
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  10. It's funny, because although it was only a hit on import sales, I feel the Jam's 'That's entertainment' is one of their best known songs. Maybe that hallowed 'oh the fans made it a hit even if the label didn't release it' elevated it up a notch. It's been covered a fair bit too. It's definitely one of my favourites and I'd wager it's better remembered than 'The bitterest pill' or 'Beat surrender'.
  11. Thanks Eric - great tune. Nearly all of the bands on Part 5 are immortalised in graffiti in my home town.
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  12. Top tune; yes - definitely more remembered than Pill anyway....
  13. Too drunk to check .. but don't think I included this top 85 smash from 1988, which I bought at the time and still adore ....

  14. Blue Mercedes track from 1989, That Beauty Is You. Had forgotten how catchy it is.
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