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'Forgotten' Songs of the 1980's

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. The final part

  2. Charlotte Sometimes is one of The Cure´s finest moments. It´s a burst of pop-brillance coming out of the dark void of Pornography (the album).
  3. The show Forgotten 80s on Absolute radio is great and they had a brilliant episode last Sunday

    SHOW #380 - "Go number one, stick a honeybun, your mind begins to flop..."

    Haircut 100 "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)"
    Kids From Fame "Friday Night (live)"

    Hot Chocolate "No Doubt About It"
    Killing Joke "Love Like Blood"

    Madness "Uncle Sam"
    Julia & Company "Breakin' Down (Sugar Samba)"

    Heartbeat "Tears From Heaven"
    David Bowie "Loving The Alien"

    Sheila E "The Glamorous Life"

    Run DMC "It's Tricky"
    ABC "That Was Then, This Is Now"

    Billy Ocean "Calypso Crazy"
    Kraftwerk "Showroom Dummies"

    Iron Maiden "The Trooper"
    Hazell Dean "Turn It Into Love"

    Tears For Fears "The Way You Are"
    Rochelle "My Magic Man"

    Mighty Wah! "Come Back"
    Five Star "Love Take Over"

    Sisters Of Mercy "Dominion"
    Luther Vandross "So Amazing"

    Kevin Paige "Don’t Shut Me Out"

    Natalie Cole "Pink Cadillac"
    Kim Wilde "Child Come Away"
    Sam Brown "Stop"

    All three artists are the daughters of fathers who also had chart careers.
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  4. Attempting to do Human League, ABC and Pet Shop Boys all at once

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  5. Never heard this, but your description hits the nail on the head (title of the follow-up single?)
  6. I didn't know about this piece of Italo disco brilliance until Groove Armada sampled it on their Lover 4 Now single. It's so infectious....the vocal, the backing track, it just sparkles and this fanmade video is perfect with Michelle Pfeiffer dancing from the Scarface disco scene at 1:55.

    From 1985, Faces by Clio.

  7. It is a rip to these ears but it's the best we'll get I think.
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  8. Ugh! Yes you're probably right.
  9. Faces is a total Italo classic. I still have olfactory memories of Loreal hair-products and the scented fog (apple) when I hear this. I love that the video goes from Scarface Pacino to Cruising Pacino.

    Colourbox with Lorita Grahame were probably the only band who could do full on dub cover of a an old reggae song and make it sound like a soul tearjerker that wouldn´t sound out of place in a Sergio Leone western: Baby I Love You So.
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  10. I only recently discovered that Lorita contributed some vocals to Cabaret Voltaire's "Groovy, Laidback and Nasty" album
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  11. Yeah, but she deserved more than being just a background voice. I really love her voice and it´s a shame that she never had the chance to shine outside the relatively obscure Colourbox singles.
    I do love (most of) that CV album, though.
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  12. She has a wonderful voice, I agree. Love those Colourbox singles. Where are the singers like that now...June Montana, Juliet Roberts, Jane Eugene...
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  13. If you like that, check out this other slice of Italo disco amazingness from Clio

    Handily both Clio singles have recently surfaced on streaming platforms in the last few weeks.
  14. Both Faces and Eyes were written by a chap called Robert Ferrante. Before that he released a classic called Come On Over under the name Pineapples. You can see it's a similar style to the Clio hits.

    Compared to most Italo producers, he did very little in the 80s but these three songs are classics of that genre.

    He remastered them last month but they are all vinyl rips and oddly sounded much better on those I Love Disco Diamonds Comps.

  15. Without turning this into an Italo thread, my favourite is song called Comet by Diux. I love the female chorus.

    You can see why they are forgotten. The tunes may be amazing but the singers and band names are totally faceless. It was very disposable hence the lack of master tapes for 90% of this Italo stuff.
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  16. No need to apologise, Italo disco is possibly the greatest musical genre of all time.

    Do we have a dedicated Italo disco thread? Because we should have!
  17. I just googled...there are one or two, but they all fizzled out by page 2.
    I do remember that we celebrated Italo Disco some time ago in some thread (maybe even this one?) There were amazing links posted for a s short time and we all geeked out.
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  18. I see that @Bleu Noir started a dedicated Italo disco thread yesterday! Hopefully this one will take off and we can add more songs as we come across them. So many amazing songs!
  19. A #1 hit in France and a top 3 hit in their native Norway in 1989

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