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'Forgotten' Songs of the 1980's

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. I actually keep a playlist on Spotify of (mostly) forgotten bops (not all are singles, several album tracks too) from 1973-1992


    And of course, in every PJ Retro Song Contest round, several rare & forgotten 80's tracks pop up!
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  3. Randomly thought about this song after a binge of Dead or Alive earlier today and noticed that it’s been added to Spotify at the end of last year (wasn’t available previously). So pleased!
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  4. I spent most of this year compiling this virtual 4CD box set. Read all about it - Paul's Hidden '80s
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  5. This is on Spotify on a "Forgotten 80s" album, but to me it sounds more 80s than most 80s output.

  6. Love her. You can hear her on Belinda Carlisle’s Summer Rain, which she also co-wrote.
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  7. I know what you mean about Body Rock sounding like the most 80s song ever which probably explains why I love it so much. Her 1987 album is surprisingly good but sadly doesn't include it.



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  8. If Alphaville's Big In Japan was written by Modern Talking

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  9. Love this type of soul-pop from about 1985-87. Great song sadly forgotten.

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  10. Savage Progress had three great singles, all major/middle hits with My Soul Unwraps Tonight, Heart Begins To Beat and Burning Bush and only one album all in 1984. They were sitting somewhere between the chairs of indie-dance and mainstream pop. Think a synthy version of Bow Wow Wow and Siouxsie.
    My Soul Unwraps Tonight

    Burning Bush

    Heart Begins To Beat

    The full album
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  11. I recall the Burning Bush single/video. Think they played it on Saturday Morning telly.

    Best thing for it is Vagisil, apparently.
  12. Not a forgotten song, as its use on Valley Girl and being an 80's radio staple in the US ensure its longevity, but surprisingly it wasn't the hit people think it is. Not only it missed the UK chart altogether, it only hit #78 in the US Hot 100 with its 1990 rerecording charting two places higher.

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  13. It was only a hit in the USA, as far as I remember. The band even migrated to the US went from 4AD to Sire. I really liked their albums up to Ricochet Days. But with Stop Start (the American album) it all became too sticky for me.
    The last album is from 2017 which tries to recapture their early post-punk sound.
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  14. This never gets played on any 80's radio stations (saying that, neither do Dollar - meh!)
    Yet for me it's a true 1980's classic

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  15. Oh I absolutely love Behind The Mask....and Forever Man itself!
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  16. "Behind the mask" was on all the compilation albums of the late 80s and quite a few in the 90s.

    Sadly the kids are more likely to know it from this sample...
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  17. Plus it was (co) written by Michael Jackson, for his keyboard player Greg Phillinganes in 1983. A staple of the "No Limits" BBC2 music show as well.
  18. Sad the hear that Richard H. Kirk has died today at age 65.
    Kirk was one of the founding members of one the most influential acts of electronic music. They started out in the ealry 1970´s and went from abrasive, experimental art group to an edgy synth-pop duo who were always the first to explore fringe styles of dance and club music. It all culminated in Chicago, where they recorded an album with Ten City. Th
    After the band had split, Kirk became one of the most prolific producers of countless electronic projects. Last year he had released a new album under the resurrected Cabaret Voltaire moniker.

    Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria (1985). One of the best dance singles of the 1980´s. Everything that came after it owed a debt:
  19. Pretty sure Sandy Marton's only been mentioned twice on this forum, but this utter gem's been getting some popularity recently on TikTok and whatnot:

    This is the version most people will recognize:

    Unfortunately, the whole reason this song got popular was because... (spoilered for obvious reasons)
    ....it was used in an Animal Crossing porn animation. Oh, the internet.
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