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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by discoteca, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. ... the new season starts this weekend, is anyone else interested?

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  2. We can just fill the thread with car-related songs instead.

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  3. Yes! Who do you support? Predictions for the season?
  4. I'm a life-long Kimi fan so rooting for him and Sauber/Alfa to pull something out of the bag.

    I'm not too fussed with what's going on at the front as I don't like Merc or Red Bull, so hoping the scrap for third is even better this year. Looking forward to Alonso and Vettel battling it out in the ever-tighter midfield.
  5. YES!!! I actually got into F1 in the gayest way possible - I went to see Britney perform in Austin in 2018 after the race but thought the race was actually really fun and it's so easy to catch on with only 10 teams!

    Did you all watch season 3 of "Drive to Survive"?

    I am so excited for this season - I think Red Bull is finally going to give Mercedes a run for their money, and the midfield is going to be exciting to watch - pretty much everyone seems to have improved massively aside from Haas.

    Also...Charles LeClerc is so cute...
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  6. I think Lewis Hamilton is the hottest man alive and that is my contribution to this thread

    (although I did attend F1 once in Singapore and that was fun!)
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  7. I try to follow it but since every season lately is Mercedes wins every race but like two, it's tough. I'm definitely a Max Verstappen fan, his aggressive driving and 'win at all costs' attitude reminds me of Kyle Busch who has been favorite NASCAR driver for over a decade.
  8. Max and the general attitude around him is just so hard to like though.
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  9. I stan Leclerc, but I would love Daniel Riccardo to win this year.
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  10. SBK


    Yes! I Love F1, I've got the last 40 years yearly review boxsets.

    Really hoping that McLaren and Daniel Riccardo can do something this year, but realistically it'll probably mostly be more of the same until the new rules come in next year.

    He's a great driver, but really entitled. I guess its the way you get forward in this kinda sport.
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  11. Guess we’re about to figure out who’s a Top and who’s a Bottom on Popjustice.

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  12. Pretty much so, although the field should be a lot closer, as usually happens when there aren't major technical changes year-on-year.
  13. I'm on Season 3 of Drive to Survive on Netflix and loving it, never thought I'd get so hooked. And today for the first time I actively sought out the Monaco GP highlights. Great to see Verstappen do so well, and rise to the top of the championship. He's not very likeable but I do love how good his driving is and how determined he is, and I think we all want to see someone who's not Hamilton win at this point.
  14. SBK


    Oh dear, please stick with it, they're not usually that dull.
  15. Yesterday's Monaco GP was definitely one of the worst races I've seen. I watched the official highlights earlier to see what they could scrape together to fill it with and it was grim.
  16. I cannot tell you how happy stroppy hamilton makes me, Monaco was peak bratilton

    I really hope you're not accusing me of being a top.
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  17. SBK


    I don't think there was one proper on track overtake. It gets a lot of flack every year for being a processon, but this year it really was. No drama in the race at all.

    Roll on Baku.
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  18. Blame these massive cars they're driving. They've outgrown Monaco. Even as recently as 2011, with narrow-track cars that weren't as long as a boat, we had fantastic racing around Monaco.
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  19. Oh I only watched the highlights dd not the whole thing, I know Monaco is usually least exciting. I was mostly interested in the commentary before and after.
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