Formula One

I was wondering if the Lewis news would be enough to resurrect this thread from the dead ddd

Huge news if true, which seems likely if all the usual reliable sources are saying it.

I'm perched for the drama that will ensue when neither Lewis or Charles wants to be a number 2 driver. I genuinely wonder how Charles feels after dedicating his career to Ferrari.
I'm still in shock over what's happened. I think after an adjustment period, Lewis will really push Charles and while other drivers might benefit from that, I'm not sure Charles is that type. We will see.
Even a different winner and Max 'DNF'ing' wasn't enough to make an exciting race, these regulations really suck. I know things reset in 2026 but that is more engines, I never realised ground effect was sticking around.

Part of me wonders what the competition would be like now had the regs not changed for 2022, Red Bull were on a par, if not ahead, of Merc. Ferrari and McLaren were gaining ground. Maybe the budget cap and wind tunnel restrictions would have had enough of an effect.
I’m struggling to get excited about Formula 1, it’s just so beige and sanitised now. Alonso’s penalty is a case in point. Russell didn’t flag anything strange.

It seems that unless you drive a certain way and wait for any action to occur in the designated areas (DRS) then you’re doing it wrong.