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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by discoteca, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. SBK


    It was a good race, I know it sucks half the top ten got taken out at the start, but its really great to see talent in smaller teams given the opportunity to race for good points.

    Really glad Alonso held Lewis up enough... F1 needs more race winners.

    Vettel has been disqualified, which is a shame.
    I was kinda expecting Hamilton to get to the front like a hot knife through butter, so it was good that the DRS wasn't so strong this weekend...
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  2. Aston Martin are appealing the decision, I'm guessing their argument is that there was sufficient fuel left in the car for a sample reading, but that it was in the piping as opposed to the tank.

    They're gonna squeeze that car dry like a lemon to get their 1 litre of fuel out.
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  3. I'll have to watch this soon....who doesn't love a bit of F1's usually so dull.
  4. SBK



    What a shitshow today! Obviously not much they can do about the weather, but to not be able to race at all...

    Pleased for George though....
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  5. I can't believe I spent almost 4 hours of my Sunday just watching it rain in Belgium ddd

    Not an ideal situation for anyone except Russell, and even he said he didn't really want a podium this way. Only other option was cancelling the race completely, as rescheduling a Belgium race to winter would be risky.
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  6. I'm happy for George Russell, but the event should've been cancelled. How bad must it have been for the fans to have been strung along all day in the cold, wet rain, to get 10 minutes of activity, then call it a day.
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  7. Now the C4 and Sky F1 scheduling mess makes sense. No race re-run to show because there wasn't one?!
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  8. If Formula 1 isn't willing to race in these conditions then the best bet is to just cancel and pack up early. Having fans sitting around for all that time is pathetic, and the response by Domenicali to questions about possible refunds shows how greedy the bosses are.

    It's hard to fathom that they don't have a back-up plan for all possible scenarios, including races where the weather and visibility makes running a Grand Prix in safe conditions impossible. It really felt like Masi was making it up as he went along.

    As for awarding points for the Belgian Grand Prix, well even the drivers think it's ridiculous. Not to mention that Masi seems to have overlooked the count back rule for red-flagged races, which means only one "racing" lap was completed. A bit of a farce all round.
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  9. Driving around for 2 laps behind a safety car is NOT a race. It's not even sport.

    An absolute disgrace that the organisers and the FIA contrived to deem that enough to constitute anything at all. And then give points out.
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  10. I think they've at least conceded it was unfortunate and they will look at the rules to ensure that specific situation doesn't happen again. Whole situation was messy but hopefully they've all learnt from it.

    Anyway, looking forward to this weekend and hoping Max can get the win at this home GP.
  11. SBK


    Zandvoort looks like a great circuit but delivered a fairly boring race.

    I must admit I was distracted by the Sarah Harding news so wasn't paying full attention, but did anything of note happen?

    The atmosphere did look incredible, I might try and go one year, its not that difficult to get to from London, Eurostar to Amsterdam and a 30min train out to the circuit.
  12. It was a pretty straight-forward race, nothing of note happened, which I think is nice; not every Grand Prix needs to be full of drama and excitement, otherwise you don't appreciate the madness when it does happen.

    Zandvoort is a fantastic circuit but modern F1 cars are just too big for it. Cruise ships in small city docks situation. It's a shame the upcoming regulations aren't doing anything to tackle how long and heavy current cars are. I know it's easy to be nostalgic, but when I look back at pre-2009 cars and how quick and nimble they were, it's hard to feel the same excitement with the cumbersome cars they drive nowadays.

    Anyway, Monza this weekend and it's sprint event again. This should be a Mercedes track and I think Alpine and Williams will be the surprise packages, both seem to have decent low-downforce aero packages and the Williams is pretty slippery in a straight line.
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  13. Absolutely no surprise as George Russell will replace Bottas next season at Mercedes. The worst kept secret in F1.

    New era about to dawn.
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  14. The writing was on the wall as soon as he stepped into the car in Bahrain last year.
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  15. SBK


    No, obviously every race doesn't need to be dramatic, but we need some overtakes.

    The circuit is too narrow for current F1, I think everyone was so overwhelmed by the support for Max that they kinda overlooked how much of a procession it was. I wonder if they can widen it anywhere to promote overtaking?

    This is really exciting. Will be interesting to see the dynamic with Lewis - really hoping we don't go straight into the fighting for #1 spot in the team. Mercedes/George should look at his 2 years with Lewis as an opportunity to learn as much as possible before becoming the #1 in 2024.

    I feel like Bottas has known this for a while as well, even if not officially he could probably see the writing on the wall.
    His performance this year just hasn't been as high as in previous years. I'm sure he was hoping he'd get a reprieve, but in hindsight, I think he'll probably regret not tapping up Red Bull earlier this year for a chance at the 2nd seat for 2022.
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  16. I don't think there's a lot they can do as the circuit is bordered by beaches/sea to one side, and then I think it's private land/houses on the other side. The original Zandvoort layout was a lot longer and had some flat-out stretches, but that land was sold to private developments in the late 80s after F1 left the circuit.

    The track is also built around the terrain, which is pretty much sand dunes (the circuit's literal English translation is sand fort), and there may be ecological issues at hand which stops any type of redevelopment. They did the best they could for F1's return by adding in some banking, but not even the lower categories produced eventful races this year.
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  17. There aren’t many drivers I dislike on this grid but Seb Vettel is a particularly good guy:

    As a gay F1 fan I can remember when it seemed like those two worlds did not intersect *at all*, so to have someone so openly championing LGBT+ rights is great (rather than the milquetoast and mealy mouthed WeRaceAsOne stuff).
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  18. Seb is an absolute sweetheart. I've grown really fond of him over the years after his "petulant" spell with Red Bull and the non-stop stress that was his period with Ferrari.
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  19. Vettel always comes across as someone who lives in the real world. He's very deadpan and funny at times, but also serious when it matters. He stopped to check on Lando Norris' stricken car when it was spread out in pieces across the track during that crazy QF in Belgium.
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  20. SBK


    This race!!!

    Come on Danny Ric!!
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