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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by discoteca, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. SBK


    I agree.

    I think they're concerned with safety - but I think there's been worse accidents on asphalt run off not slowing cars down enough than on god old kitty litter.

    Perhaps a middle ground, just put a meter strip of gravel on the outside of corners to deter the drivers from running wide?
  2. I think it's combination of factors:

    - Lots of circuits open to the public in order to get by and asphalt runoff means there's less chance of these amateur racers causing costly damage to their cars, which if they did, might mean they'd be less likely to return to said circuit.

    - Formula 1 wants as many cars as possible making it to the end of the race, for a multitude of reasons (sponsors, numbers of competitors are low enough as it is, etc).
    For some unknown reason, the powers that be aren't willing to open up the bidding process for the spare slots on the grid. In 2012 we had 24 cars, and the full 26-car grid hasn't been in use since Monaco 1995, when Simtek pulled out.
    Think back as recently as the 2015 Australian grand prix when just 15 cars took the start due to various issues before the race.
    So to combat this F1 certainly doesn't want a few cars ending up in the gravel due to driver error, and thus out of the race. It's crazy to think how common retirements were due to drivers making errors and ending up int he gravel. Race wins, championships... how differently things would've played out without gravel then, and with it nowadays.

    - Gravel tends to get dragged onto the race track so would require a VSC / safety car to clear up.

    All that said, I would love to see gravel and grass back. It not only looks so much better, but properly defines the race track and would remove all of this nonsense of track limits. I'm also tired of seeing drivers make errors and floor the pedal across the asphalt.

    Just look at last year's race in Mugello, for example. The entire track is bordered by grass and gravel... and guess what, all of the drivers managed to keep their car on the track the entire weekend. They can do it, but they know that they can take the piss with these carpark tracks that are surrounded by asphalt.

    *grump old man rant*

    Things were better in the old days!
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  3. SBK


    A strip of wet grass around the edge would work as a deterrent too and be less messy
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  4. Well once again, momentum seems to be with Lewis. That said, Max had a brilliant recovery and did everything he needed to do with that excellent start and getting fastest lap. Perez had a bit of a nightmare though.

    Feels like it's Lewis' to lose now though, since Toto confirmed they're taking the Brazil engine at Saudi. Although seems like there's potential for drama/safety cars at Saudi with the street track.
  5. Great to see Alonso on the podium after so long.

    Losail was surprisingly conducive to racing, although the DRS was wayyyy too strong as usual. The majority of passes were completed 100 metres before the braking zone. This, along with Mugello last year, shows that medium or high speed corners with the options to take different lines is better than 90-degree turns and hairpins which have dominated new tracks in the past 20 years.
  6. SBK


    I dunno, I'd say its still Max's to lose, he has the lead. Sure, Mercedes are expected to be strong at the next two races but that is by no means a guarantee. I'm sure Red Bull are working hard on set ups in the simulators to find some speed - I wouldn't count them out yet.

    Losail was pretty dull, the only excitement was the tyres not being able to last more than 31 laps.
  7. Well. I may never emotionally recover from that race.
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  8. For all of its drama, I came away from that race with an empty feeling that I can't shake off today either. That wasn't worthy of a Grand Prix and I'm disappointed that this is Formula 1 in 2021.

    I'm a neutral in the title fight but have increasingly been swayed in Lewis' direction as Max is such a difficult-to-like character (mind you, I said the same about Lewis in his McLaren days, but he was irritating for different reasons).

    However Max went into this race weekend fully intent on causing contact whenever possible with Lewis, knowing the latter had more to lose.

    - Truly appalling driving, on multiple occasions in the race, from a driver as naturally talented as Max.
    - Inconsistent, unfathomable, and poor stewarding yet again. Negotiating grid positions for a restart!? Michael Masi completely forgetting all about Esteban Ocon in second place. A nadir for F1 race direction.
    - A circuit that should never host Formula 1 races. How can you build a circuit from scratch and and get it so wrong? Dangerous, doesn't meet Grade 1 standards (the run to T1 alone is less than the required length but this is all overlooked in the name of $$), way too narrow, blind curves. I don't even care that it's in Saudi Arabia; the F1 circus has long showed it doesn't care where it races as long as the money is put on the table.
    - Unnecessary red flag periods. The first one could've been run under a safety car, although I agree the second one was needed but it was only ever caused by having a standing start after the first one, which in itself is a clear choice to promote more "drama". Also Max's desperate maneuver at turn 1/2 was what bottled the field up even more and likely contributed to that big crash out of turn 3.
    - That overly long VSC period which seemed to go on forever, without any actual reason given. The debris it was put out for was picked up immediately. Did race direction want to give Max's mediums a better chance to reach the end?

    It's extremely obvious that someone higher up wants this title race to go down to the final race in Abu Dhabi, and it's pretty fair to say they would be more than thrilled to have a new champion.

    Max winning driver of the day yesterday kind of sums of the current Formula 1 situation. The sport has been diluted far too much over the years. For all the good that it's expansion and connection with new, younger viewers has done, it has also robbed the sport of its integrity and soul. It feels likes an increasingly hollow product, and one that is hard to compare to the one I began watching way back in the early 90s.
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  9. SBK


    The track is insane, I was fully expecting a big crash in practice or qualifying. That last section where its just blind corners at 200mph and everyone going slow to get some space. All it would take is one car to move out of the train to get track position and your sending someone into space.
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  10. I agree with a lot of your points and that Max should've been less aggressive. In his defence though, I think it's very clear Merc has the advantage in speed and Max probably feels the only way he can get any advantage over Lewis is to drive like that. It's not like earlier in the season when Max was able to sail off into the distance at Austria, France etc. without upsetting anyone - RB doesn't have the car advantage anymore by the looks of it.

    It's a pity though because if Max drives that way next week, he'll no doubt be given penalties and lose the WDC because of it.

    It's a bit ironic though that Max is driving the same way as Senna and Schumacher did (heck Schumacher got disqualified for an entire season) but they're now (obviously) considered legends of the sport, whereas Max has been massively criticised for the same thing.

    People say FIA are being lenient with Max but why was Bottas not punished for driving slow during the first safety car? I also saw somewhere that if Lewis receives another reprimand it's an automatic 10 place grid penalty, which I can see the FIA wanting to avoid. That said, I don't really think the FIA had an agenda towards either driver yesterday, they just wanted the championship to go to Abu Dhabi, for better or for worse.

    At this point I think Hamilton will win the WDC as he has the fastest car and just needs to play it safe at Abu Dhabi. Even if he loses out to Max at the beginning, he can make up the places over the race. The only way I can see Lewis not winning is if something really unexpected happens, like a puncture or slow pit stop. People say Max will try crash him out but I feel that's unlikely after 1997.

    (Also, still don't understand why Hamilton ran into the back of Max - regardless of Max braking/playing games, there was a very clear gap to the left...I've watched the replay and that still makes no sense to me)
  11. There are so many layers around the clash between the pair yesterday when Max was giving the place back. Firstly Max being instructed to give the place back "strategically" which goes completely against the spirit of the rules. Then slowing at the fastest part of the circuit, not fully offline, on a very narrow track. Lewis wasn't relayed the message that Max was told to cede, so given Max's erratic driving as of late, and the numerous VSC periods, I can kind of understand Lewis being cautious.

    However, Max hitting the brakes and then accelerating is an automatic DSQ. It's against the rules and it's unsporting.

    Max then driving off without giving the place back for numerous laps only to pull over and then immediately throw the car onto the apex is against the rules again. The massive irony being that the rule for giving a place back was amended after Lewis got a 25-second penalty for pretty much the same thing against Kimi back at Spa in 2008.

    This whole unfortunate situation could've been avoided by correctly implementing the rules but everything has been so ambiguous and poorly handled this season (well, not just this year but it's definitely a lot more obvious due to the fight at the front).
  12. SBK


    Lewis also got away with leaving Max out to dry over heat on the restart formation lap.... Lets not pretend Max is the one being "aggressive" here. Lewis wasn't even trying to hide the fact he was backing the pack up, but it wasn't even noted.
  13. Yeah, that's why I thought it was interesting when I heard Lewis will get a 10 place grid drop for another reprimand. The penalties since Brazil have seemed like a very active choice from the FIA to keep the title race as close as possible (for both drivers).
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  14. On restarts there are no formation laps, so what Lewis did was OK within the regulations. Red Bull queried this with race control and got the same answer. This is what tripped up Alfa Romeo at Imola earlier this year. Teams are still rusty when it comes to understanding the myriad of rules that come with these new standing or rolling starts after red flags.
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  15. This is the part about Formula One that makes it hard to really follow as an American Motor Sports fan. In F1 it just seems like whoever can buy the best engine, wins. There's not a lot anyone else can do about it, not even the driver.

    I think Max made a lot of regrettable choices yesterday that come off looking very immature and dangerous on the track. I don't even know why there was the need to 'give the spot back' anyway. To me the initial altercation is just a 'racing incident' and because of it, Max had to dive through the chicane to avoid a full-on accident. I get that in F1 those are never just 'racing incidents' but it's frustrating that you've got to just allow a faster car to go by you without being able to defend the spot at all.
  16. Max had no intention of making the apex or the corner. He was well behind going into turn one but did his usual late-brake-and-rotate-into-the-corner to give the impression he's much further alongside than he actually is. If there was gravel on the outside of turn 1 he would never do that.

    Then he drive straight across the curbs and blocked off Hamilton, bunched the pack up, and inadvertently contributed to the carnage that followed and took out his team mate.
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  17. Oh I didn't catch the beginning of the race, I'm talking about at the end when Hamilton caught up to him and finally got DRS. Then that led to the "brake test" Max pulled.
  18. SBK


    But it wasn't okay. It was obvious what he was doing. He moans most weekends how long the pack make him wait on the front row but when it suits he's more than happy to slow the pack.

    I think its largely a perfect storm of a new track, no room, blind corners, and a fierce title battle that lead to all this.

    I was concerned about next week, but its the polar opposite, there's almost far too much run off so any collisions won't be because there's no space.
  19. Competitive F1 driver in occasional hypocrisy shocker.

    Lewis was within the rules whereas Max was not.

    His driving standards are utterly appalling. He should have been brought into check races ago. He should have been smacked down harder for unsafely rejoining at T1 on the restart after driving plain off the track, and there should have been no get-out giving the place back once he’d caused Hamilton to lose P1 irrecoverably to Ocon. He should have been disqualified for his brake check.

    This wasn’t just a matter for the stewards but for someone at Red Bull to talk some sense into him.

    None of that was done and I’m genuinely fearful for the conclusion of this championship.
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  20. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.
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