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Forum issues on mobile

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by slaybellz, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Anyone else having these issues using the forum on their mobile?

    Images won't load on certain pages.

    The post box disapears.

    When I hit the "post reply" button this pops up:

    When I press the "more options" button this pops up:

    When I try to "like" something it takes me to another page to confirm?

    It's weird cause it doesn't happen in every thread and it doesn't happen when i'm using the site on my desktop.
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  2. kal


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  3. Wow that interesting read.

    I feel like i'm not controversial enough for someone to do that to my account. Also why would it only be happening on mobile?
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  4. kal


    I guess.. try clearing your cookies and browser data.
  5. Yeah I tried that. Still no luck. Now i'm paranoid there's a conspiracy plot against me.
  6. All of the things you listed happen to me sometimes too, so it's not just you!
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  7. Okay good to know i'm not the problem and it's the site with the issue.

    @Popjustice Your mobile site is broken I think.
  8. On mobile, when someone posts an IG post and its embedded, it becomes infinite in a thread.

    Like, the scroller shows I have a continuous amount to keep scrolling down and it's just the IG embed, with the image white, stretched and going on forever and ever. This happens in Safari when using an iPhone.
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  9. Tweets have never emebedded on mobile for me. I also now have troubles embedding images using safari on iPad (but oddly not iPhone).
  10. It happens to me about once a week as well.
  11. It happens to me when im on my Ipad.
  12. Yeah I can’t post in the Mariah thread for some reason but everywhere else is fine...?
  13. Turns out this only happens with insta videos.
  14. Sometimes usernames disappear for me on mobile. Has this happened to anyone?

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  15. Always logging me out whenever I use this site on my tablet or mobile! Very odd .
  16. I think this is the place to ask? When I type on here on my tablet it makes the words repeat themselves sometimes. Only on pop justice though, other web sites are ok ?
  17. Still logging me out often. Even on desktop!
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