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Forum Speed Issues - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by slaybellz, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Sadly no.

    I messaged again.
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  2. Peter when he sees the multiple emails complaining about the server of his deceasing forum.
  3. It took about a few hours to post this, but I've arrived at the funeral of the server.

  4. kal


    You might as well have brought a shovel to bury it with that massive photo. xx
  5. The hosting of that picture obviously isn't done on this server (check the URL), otherwise we'd clearly be way past dead already.
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  6. It's running a lot better for me today?
  7. It’s going through periods of being fast and slow which is better than nothing right now
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  8. Yes, it was working alot faster earlier on and now super slow again. Seems to come and go.
  9. Drag Race starts again on Friday and I need this place to be functional so I can come here to complain discuss the episode, so I'm really going to need this to get its act together.
  10. I know posts like this are useless when it’s slow but it’s speeding along right now. Maybe some kind of auto cleanup happens at certain times of the day. I don’t think it’s related to the amount of users online. I still think a new host or throwing more ram at it could be the solution outside of a prune of old threads.
  11. [​IMG]
    It worked!
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  12. I was thinking it was me for a few days and then stumbled in here and was like yay not me.

    Please be warned that if this site does go down I'll be messaging any members I have on insta to see where you have all gone to bitch about Ed Sheeran and where I can buy the limited edition Steps slightest touch (touch me fuzzy felt edition).
  13. What if we deleted like everything before 2010.
    Or the X Factor forum.
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  14. Welp, it was better this morning and now it's torture again.
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  15. I literally just found out that X Factor has been axed. Yes, axe it completely.
  16. I don't need anything fancy
    I just need me and you slow browsing
    Hell's bending keeping me captive
    Heaven's here it's right where you're standing
    Slow posting with you
  17. Just delete everything pre-2015 or even move to a new host and start completely fresh. Surely there are tons of free forum software out there?
  18. To me it’s completely unusable when it’s this slow. The pages are barely rendering. - for if it completely goes down. As I was saying before if people want to register so if anything happens we can email any accounts that join on there to let people know we can use that forum instead.
  19. It's giving molasses in January, but it's better than the other day when it was totally unusable. We can make the most of it and pretend it's a nostalgia trip to using dial-up in 1999.

    (Yes, I know posting a Charli song is a gross violation of my brand and I do in fact hate myself for it.)
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