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Forum Speed Issues - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by slaybellz, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Still fast, truly a miracle. I wonder what Peter’s hosting bill looks like.
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. Too fast now. Slow it down.

  4. EG's fave East 17 single back in the day.
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  5. High key like when my parents got like 3mbps broadband and I thought internet speed had peaked cuz that AOL sign-on was just too fast!
  6. Sam


    girls i've got whiplash
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  7. I’m finding individual pages are failing to completely load even after reloading several times and restarting my device. Is it just me?

    *edit* I changed to request the desktop version of the site and it’s working fine now
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  8. The issue seems fixed (for now) but as someone with some work-related knowledge, this was my first thought as well. There's possibly something corrupted in the database in one of the tables that generates countless errors when triggered by an event that causes the slow server response once it happens, and that there's only so much either restarting the server or dedicating more and more resources can do to fix the issue.

    The proper response would probably to do a complete fresh install of the latest version of XenForo and then try importing the users and then try importing the past posts, but as you said, that takes time and/or money that probably can't be justified in the long run.
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  9. The Jesy Nelson thread. Delete it.
  10. There's some really dodgy adverts/popups on the main website when you try to go into the forum section... seriously needs to be looked at
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  11. Probably not realistic given the server's sporadic deadness, but is there anyway we can get dark mode in the future?
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  12. It's not perfect, but if you have the Stylish extension (Firefox/Chrome), here's a style you can apply to the domain
    .nodeList .categoryStrip, #content .pageContent, .nodeList .categoryForumNodeInfo, .nodeList .forumNodeInfo, .nodeList .pageNodeInfo, .nodeList .linkNodeInfo, .sidebar, h3, .breadcrumb, .bbCodeQuote .quoteContainer, .bbCodeBlock .type, .bbCodeBlock pre, .bbCodeBlock .code, .topHelper, #headerMover, #content { background-color: #333; color: white; }
    .messageList .message, .messageUserBlock div.avatarHolder, h3.userText, .message .likesSummary, .hasJs .bbCodeSpoilerText { background-color: #000; }
    .messageUserBlock .arrow, .messageUserBlock .arrow span { border: none; }
    a { color: #ff0080 !important; }
    .PageNav a { color: white !important; }
    dl, dt, dd, .muted, .sidebar .section .secondaryContent .footnote, .sidebar .section .secondaryContent .minorHeading, .node .nodeLastPost { color: #aaa !important; }
    #QuickSearch, .secondaryContent, .sidebar .section .secondaryContent h3, .discussionListItem { background-color: inherit; }
    .navTabs .navTab.selected .navLink, .Menu .secondaryContent { background-color: #222; }
    #logo, #logoBlock { display: none; }
    #content { margin-top: -80px; }
    .titleBar h1 { color: white; }
    .discussionList .sectionHeaders { background-color: #666 !important; }
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  13. Is it just me or is this starting to happen again? 15-20 second page loading times the last couple of days at certain times.
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  14. The forums snail speed:
  15. It's that time of year again. Someone shoot up the flare for Peter.
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  16. I honestly haven't experience any speed issues lately? But now i'm scared...
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  17. BTG


    Can whoever Peter actually paid attention to in January do their thing again before it gets even worse? Was it @Vasilios?
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  18. The randomness of going very slow to connect to any page and then whooping up a post on this blessed European morning.


    Are we on the brick of death?


    It's probably just over capacity due to justified Bey hype.
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  19. Sam


    Cindy the forum’s leaking
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  20. I can't work out what's happening. It won't load on Chrome but will be fine on Safari then it switches and I can only get it to work on my phone.


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