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Forum Speed Issues - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by slaybellz, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. We found the problem....

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  2. I can't tell if it's actually slow for me this time or if I just feel it's slow cause everyone is saying it is.


    Also i've renamed the thread since this is like a recurring problem.
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  3. “General Discussion” ffff.

    It’s sporadic unlike before where it was very clearly just slow as shit for a few hours until it sped up.

    Is this all because Beyoncé announced a new album and we have more activity happening than usual? Is this proof positive that the servers absolutely can’t handle more users ddd?
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  4. Why is the thread title making me scream nn. Forum Speed Issues, her BPG era x
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  5. Having a hard time editing posts or even liking posts. Not complaining but it would be nice if someone got around to taking a look under the hood eventually.
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  6. Twitter girls, it's that time of year where you need to @ Peter. It seems to be the only place where he takes notice of what we say dd.

    A long term solution would be much better but if it's between another 6 months of no issues before this happens again vs the plug being pulled, I'll take the first option.
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  7. The Forum has been running fine on my laptop with Chrome, but quite slow and pages not loading when viewing on my mobile phone also using Chrome.
  8. Can confirm, the main issue is on mobile devices (my android tablet).
  9. It’s probably just a setting set wrong again like last time, but we depend on Peter for it again.

  10. It's slow on both mobile and desktop but you know what?
  11. I'm more annoyed with these fucking intrusive adverts on mobile!

  12. kal


    Switch to the other forum theme.
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  13. Okay the forum's definitely going slow for me today, there's no denying it now.

  14. The what?
  15. kal


    Scroll down to the footer and click on “PopJustice” on the bottom left, then select “PopJustice 17”.

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  16. I never knew this was a thing. I'll give it a whirl.
  17. I think the hamsters powering our servers are giving out girls. It took me a couple of minutes to open this thread.
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  18. I think the hamsters powering our servers are giving out girls. It took me a couple of minutes to open this thread.
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  19. This posting twice is killing me.
  20. The hamsters in question

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