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Forum tweaks, feel free to make suggestions

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Popjustice, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. Popjustice

    Popjustice Administrator


    I have done a couple of things on the forum this morning.

    1. There's a new Potential Next Big Things forum — the idea of this is that if you come across a new artist you like, you can post them in here knowing that they won't immediately disappear from view because everyone's talking about bigger artists.

    2. The Lists, Charts etc forum has had the 'lists' removed from its title. It makes sense to me for the rates and charts to kind of have their own area. I've already moved a couple of threads (like the key changes one) into the main Pop & Justice forum. The main Pop & Justice forum wasn't originally intended to just be threads discussing specific popstars or releases, but pop in general. Not sure if what I've done is the best way of doing it, perhaps there should be separate 'popstars' and 'pop ideas' forums? Who knows. Anyway that's what I've done so far.

    3. I've installed a plugin so SoundCloud links should now automatically embed as players.

    4. The 'Links' forum has now been retired as it was full of spam and useless shit.

    If there's anything similar (or different) you'd like me to do, just let me know.


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  2. As requested, @Popjustice. It would be great to be able to justify text (in addition to aligning text left, centre and right). There's an XML add on for this, which is installable by a forum administrator on the admin control panel. Thank you!
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  3. These are all improvements in my opinion, thanks for making them. I'd like 'Random Pop Thoughts' to be easier to find. At the moment, it's nigh on impossible to find it when searching as the word 'pop' is excluded for being too common, so all the results are for Random Thoughts. Probably can't be changed, but it annoys me a bit.
  4. Popjustice

    Popjustice Administrator

    Until I decide what to do with that thread, searching "random pop thoughts" (with quote marks) might be the best way to find it...
  5. YAS for the embedded Soundcloud links!
    Let me try it?
  6. RJF


  7. Some more embedding options would be very practical, twitter and instagram and so on (videos in particular), a lot of artists use them for exclusive announcements and such (teasers, trailers, music video snippets etc.) and at the moment the "media" embed won't accept either.
  8. Embedding Twitter/Instagram would be good agreed.

    I wouldn't be opposed to another subforum for "Pop thoughts", things like Random Pop Thoughts, Vinyljustice, Apple Music, Songs with Key Changes, etc, and might encourage more discussion threads, like when we had ones questioning why streaming is in the charts. Would also help streamline the general P&J section.

    A poll would be good for any decisions you're torn on Peter.
  9. Popjustice

    Popjustice Administrator

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  10. Making tweets embeddable would be fantastic, let me +1 that idea.

  11. FINALLY.
  12. I've never really understood why K-Pop has its own subforum, yet J-Pop is relegated to a big, messy thread in Pop & Justice. Wouldn't it be easier to combine them in a 'J-Pop and K-Pop' subforum?
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  13. Popjustice

    Popjustice Administrator

    That's a good point. I'd be a bit wary of combining them, doesn't it seem a bit offensive to go 'put them together, it's the same thing really'? But yes it is strange to have a subforum for one and not the other (although I think I created the K-pop one when there was a sudden surge in interest in K-pop artists so that explains that one's existence).
  14. I get the point about cultural offensiveness, but that's kinda happening anyway by accident, as the separate sub-forum implicity suggests one is bigger / more relevant than the other. Anyway, just me being autistic and wanting everything perfectly streamlined.
  15. 3Xs


    Quite aside from the fact that the J-Pop thread is active about once a week these days (like actually literally)--they're not the same thing, and most fans of one are not fans of the other. I'm into both deeply, but there's actually not a lot of crossover between the two fandoms, generally speaking.

    I do find it funny though how it's always someone who I never see posting in any of the K-Pop or J-Pop threads making these requests, while the people who are actually active in them are quite happy with the current situation!

    (Apologies if this comes across as attack-y by the way, I see you're relatively new here. It's just that we've been over this same issue many times over the years with people outside of the K-Pop and J-Pop threads trying to put them together for whatever reason and the rest of us are over here like.)
  16. I wish there was a way of knowing if somebody has recently changed their username, I was wondering about @Jordanananana's whereabouts earlier today and hadn't realised he'd changed to @Lost Boy!
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  17. I think the K-pop subforum is fine as it is but poor J-pop is drowning in the main forum. Personally, I would be fine if they are joined and be labeled as "Asian Pop". Under that umbrella, we can also talk about not only K-pop and J-pop but also Thai Pop, Cantopop, etc.
  18. 3Xs


    Honestly it's not really about buried or not. There's just far fewer people who are into J-Pop (let alone other Asian pop) on these forums. Trust me, I tried and tried for years to get the J-Pop thread to be more active to little avail. These days I don't have the time for it though and one person can only do so much, and as you can see activity has dropped off dramatically in recent years... Laurence has made a good effort to keep up with the release calendars, but it's still much the same problem I had trying to get more people to post (a club which I've now joined, sadly).

    I think the K-Pop subforum just works because there's a certain, active community there. Whereas most J-Pop fans tend to be fans of only one or two artists, rather than the whole of J-Pop. I feel like if we combined them into one forum the problem would still largely be the same. Plus just throwing everything into an "Asian pop" subform sort of just forwards this notion that Asian things are all the same, when to be honest Korean and Japanese pop share little in common.

    If we want more discussion around other Asian pop then give each of them their own subform so they can shine! Combining them with the K-Pop discussions will just have the same effect as the current situation, except they'll get even fewer general PJ readership eyeballs because they'd be buried in a speciality forum rather than in the main one. Like had someone not made the Loreen thread in P&J I would have never known how awesome she is because she was stuck in Eurovision, if that makes sense. At least now when the J-Pop thread is bumped in P&J there's more of a chance someone might click into it, rather than if it's in a forum they'd usually never check anyway.
  19. The forum has gone very weird for me. On mobile it's fine and normal, but on the computer everything is skewed a bit left, boxes are poorly defined, my avatar is a grey blurry mess, people's signatures are messed up with the like and reply buttons directly underneath, the reply box at the very end is just white space, and so on. What should I do?
  20. The forum has been really glitchy for me lately. On my computer, the reply box becomes unusable unless I very quickly stop the page from loading once it appears. Before I got an adblocker to try to fix it, ads would appear in the reply box too. Happens in chrome and firefox.
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