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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by torontodj, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Is anybody watching this?

    Michelle Williams is brilliant as Gwen Verdon.

    She's coming for that Emmy.
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  2. Being a huge musical theatre queen, I so am.

    I don't know much about Bob Fosse aside from his choreography style (which I love) and (some) of the shows he was involved with.

    And I know even less about Gwen Verdon.

    I'm liking it so far, but it's not compelling.
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  3. This show is like crack to me. Michelle Williams chewing the scenery, the time period and some of the most iconic film and stage musicals in one package? I'm in.

    I also didn't know about Gwen Verdon though and she really seems like a character and incredibly important figure in Fosse's career. It's a shame she's not as famous as he is.
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  4. Not sure how long it's been up, but Fosse/Verdon is available on Hulu now. I missed it during its original F/X airing and figured I wouldn't be the only one in that boat.

    I'm kind of amazed that this limited series made it to air as is. It's so inside-theatre. As a small example, there's a scene in which Gwen and Bob are discussing Chicago and Gwen suggests that they may offer the production to "Hal." They don't even bother to explain that "Hal" = Hal Prince. There are so many small details like that in which they trust the audience to fill in the gaps, though I wonder if that, at times, would have made for a frustrating viewing experience for the theatre novice.

    Regardless of one's knowledge of the theatre, there was so much to admire. I was worried that they wouldn't be able to sustain interest over several episodes, but I was pleasantly surprised at how involving they made the subjects of creation, the innerworkings of the business and, most of all, the incredibly complex marriage of the two leads. I don't think I've been this consumed by a complicated marriage since The Americans. And, wouldn't ya know it, Joel Fields of The Americans is an exec producer of Fosse/Verdon.

    And, yes, a thousand times yes, Michelle Williams was just phenomenal.
  5. Wow, I totally forgot I started this thread! And, indeed, Michelle did win that Emmy!

    One thing I love is this mini-series has renewed interest in Gwen Verdon. She was so talented.
  6. This was, without question, one of the best series of the year. It took risks, and they didn't always pay off, but the highs were so high. Beautifully shot, choreographed, and exquisitely written too. The acting goes without saying; I don't think Michelle Williams has a bad choice in her, and Sam Rockwell was great too.

    It's shows like this why I never turn away from FX. In the middle of the streaming wars, they're one of the few networks that really throw good money at projects that aim for something higher than a weekend binge. I felt the same way about American Crime Story: Versace, where not every choice worked, but when you finished and looked back on it as a whole work of storytelling, it was really amazing and tied together. The ending of this show, outside the theater and then transitioning to their daughter's adult life in the country, was beautiful.
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  7. I'd never heard of Rachelle Rak before, but a friend posted this video this morning. It's from the 1999-2001 Broadway revue FOSSE which I believe was the last project Gwen was involved in prior to her death. What an incredible dancer Rachelle Rak is. I know it's often said that Fosse treated his dancers like actors and she dances with such character -- without sacrificing technique. And, man, was Bob Fosse ahead of his time; this choreography is from 1972, but I feel like you can see its influence in modern hip-hop choreography.

    They also posted this anecdote about Gwen Verdon and Rachelle, which just made me chuckle...
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