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Foundation Apple TV+ Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. Fuck my life! This looks stunning!
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  2. Can't wait for this!

    With all these new sci-fi/fantast series and movies coming, we nerds truly won <3
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  3. This is going to snatch isn't it?
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  4. More like... this could be it for sci-fi TV like GoT was for fantasy? I mean not really cause it's Apple TV and only 5 people will watch but still ñññ

    I'm mainly thankful that these stories are being told for once and not be neglected "because budget". With this, The Wheel of Time in November and LOTR coming next year... *fangirls*

    I guess I should read the book now fff
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  5. I mean it looks incredible. Epic in every sense of the word.

    I read Foundation last week and loved it, and have a week of this week so hoping to get through Foundation & Empire and Second Foundation before the week is out. I’ll get round to reading the prequels at some point.

    Interesting to hear the director say it influenced Dune because I read that a couple of weeks ago and was struck by some of the similarities between the two.
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  6. Same! I was gagged at how sassy some of these characters were fffff the plot-twists in every section were lowkey sending. I'm gonna try to read the other two as well, but... is the show gonna cover them as well?
    *feels pressure*
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  7. Finally my Apple TV subscription comes handy!
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  8. The absolute stunts these characters were pulling!!

    I’ve not really been able to pin down just how much is going to be covered by this? It’s a 10 episode season though, which I would say is more than enough time to cover the first book but I’m sure they’ll be creating additional plot points and characters to further expand the world so who knows?
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  9. I'm more curious about the show's continuity. Like... almost every section of the book is a complete new set of characters and plots? How's my husband Lee Pace gonna be a main character when there isn't one in the book? fff
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  10. I think we'll be getting a post season 4, Game Of Thrones book adaptation. They'll probably follow the book for a while and then expand the plot as they're going.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. I'm still optimistic that they did a good job but yes I'm still scarred by the last Got seasons.

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  13. In Hari Seldon we trust.
  14. I had missed this!

    And now I’m moist!
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  15. First two episodes are out!

    I will watch tonight, but let me get in the mood with...

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  16. Going into this one with some trepidation. The visuals look stunning, the cast is great and the source material is intriguing, but the showrunner is David S Goyer - the guy responsible for flops like Jumper, Terminator: Dark Fate and the second Ghost Rider movie. On the other hand, Jane Espenson of Buffy and early Game of Thrones fame is on staff. Really would have been awesome to see her helm a big tentpole like this on her own after being in Wh*don's shadow for so long.

    Apple TV+ has been on a creative roll lately with shows like For All Mankind, Dickinson and Mythic Quest, so I'm kind of rooting for them to continue that qualitative streak. So hopefully this is better than Goyer's credentials. It's funny that both this and Invasion, Apple TV+s other big tentpole scifi show this fall, come from the writers of Jumper. Both Goyer and Simon Kinberg (the Fantastic Four remake, all the worst X-Men movies) have sort of gotten reputations as corporate hacks by sci-fi fans, so if nothing else it'll be interesting to see their work on a creative-friendly platform that functions slightly outside of the blockbuster studio system.
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  17. So, uh, the 10 episodes only cover the first two sections/novellas which is kind of madness.

    I get that it’s a challenge to adapt the book faithfully and make the viewer care about characters who barely stick around and have zero backstory but to pad it out by this much it seems inevitable it’ll be full of unnecessary filler.

    I’m about half through episode 2 and there’s already some filler. However, I really enjoyed the first episode and visually it’s stunning.

    EDIT - Okay yeah I just finished episode 2 and all I can say is hmmmm. I’m not convinced all the additional stuff they’re doing is value added to be honest. Still I’m along for the ride so willing to keep at it!
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  18. In one of those videos with the producer, he said something like an event that is a mere sentence in a book could be a whole season on the show so… ummmm… yeah, I expect some creative liberty from them.

    Still, I had to Google some characters from the first episode and apparently the show is already spoiling me the second trilogy?????

    Also, did I misread the book or did they gender-swap one of the main characters? The fanboys must be fuming dhdjjdjd

    Onto the second one!
  19. Also, Dawn-Day-Dusk?????


    I swear to Hari if it’s another spoiler jdjfjfjjshs


    The ending of episode 2…

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