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Foundation Apple TV+ Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. Dawn-Day-Dusk is a change they’ve made to give the series a consistent antagonist. Which on the bright side, means seeing more of Lee Pace ddd.

    They’ve also gender-swapped Gaal Dornick and Hardin.
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  2. This is getting very mediocre reviews, which saddens me greatly. I've read so much Asimov ages ago, and some of the twists are still carved in my mind. The trilogy would've made an amazing set of standalone film-length episodes (it's episodic by default already ddddd), why did they have to do it this way. Gonna be watching it later with trepidation.
  3. The second episode was a bit shit. It had its gruesome moments, but there is an unnecessary amount of romance in the episode? That's not what Foundation is about fff

    With the current pace, I'll be surprised if we even get to the first crisis.
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  4. Yeah, episode 2 was a bit lackluster but it’s shaping up to be a good series, in my opinion. They’ve made some weird plot and creative choices, but I guess this is what it takes to attract a larger number of viewers.
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  5. Yeah, I trust the show will be mainly good... but hopefully they'll read the reviews and adjust accordingly if they really want to get those eight seasons.


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  6. Episode one was great but episode 2 has been jarring so far? Jarring in that it feels like we skipped an episode in between. Really strange.

    Still, the show has great promise and it’s visually stunning.
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  7. I've enjoyed both episodes, phew. The first one was kind of super slow and took a bit to remember the names and places, but the second one felt in place already. I can't see this being a major success for them, though, it's probably a shit ton of money and the viewership will have to be huge, and I can't see that happening. It does feel a bit random, it's expected for us to care about these people after a total of a couple of minutes of their romance? Also, as a mathematician, I found the "prime number prayer" to be majorly cringe.
  8. I think we’re underestimating Apple’s marketing power. The service is picking up very quickly with the success of Ted Lasso and the handful of other shows that are gaining traction and I feel like they will throw money at it for a long time.
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  9. As I suspected, they're taking elements from all seven books.

    As for the show going beyond the books...

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  10. I've re-read the first part of "Foundation", and I'm happy that Episode 1 has pretty much covered it all, and even squeezed in extra stuff.
  11. I hope they rely more on Prelude to Foundation and Forward the foundation books, since they have a more cinematic feel to them. The Foundation trilogy is fine, but It's just a political mess that spans hundreds of years. So I'm fine with the producers making changes as long as they're believable.

    What the hell was that ending in episode 2, though?
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  12. [​IMG]

    *goes back to reading and enjoying Second Foundation*
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  13. I just watched the third episode. I'm worried now.

    How the hell are you gonna end the second one with such a cliffhanger and then make absolutely no mention of it in the next one? And with the times jumps... it doesn't seem like they ever will? Heck, half the episode was basically exposition of how the imperial cloning method works and then we just turn to Terminus (filmed in Canarias! scream) where... Salvor already doesn't care about The Plan when they're supposed to tackle the first two crisis? What gives? And the narrator is still Gaal? And more useless romance? I swear to Seldon.

    It's giving... it's giving mess.
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  14. Ddd I’ve just finished the episode and you’ve basically summed up all my thoughts!

    I haven’t started Second Foundation yet so no idea what happens, but I did wonder if maybe they’re going down the route of shipping Gaal off to be a part of the Second Foundation which is of psycho-historians?

    Salvor already being anti-Seldon despite their reliance on Seldon’s theory of how and when to act being integral to the first two crises in the books this show is supposedly adapting? Somebody needs to make it make sense!

    I actually can’t believe they spent the time in episode 2 trying to make us care about the relationship between Gaal and that guy who shot Annalise Keating only to jettison it into space and then try and establish another unnecessary romance that basically revolves Salvor keeping this man as a naked butler and getting her back blown out multiple times an hour?

    The whole structure is off to be honest, it’s like they didn’t have faith in the viewer to be intelligent enough to follow/invest in the story as Asimov wrote it? Which is wild to me because I haven’t been able to get enough as I’ve read it over the last few weeks, I’ve had to stop myself rushing through by reading other stuff in between!

    2-3 episodes per crisis from the first book would have been absolutely fine for a first season.
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  15. This. I don't think they needed so many changes. At this point, I'm not even worried about the show spoiling the books because... they're so different already fff

    I'm on the same boat as you with the rushing through the books. I think I'll finish Second Foundation and give myself a break from the Galaxy before going back to the prequels/sequels.
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  16. I... didn't actually hate the latest one? Obviously, the romantic subplots are too much, but we all know there's a certain nerd audience for that too. I feel like the episode would've worked better if mid-binge, less so as a standalone. They are riding straight into the first crisis, and
    The Vault is obviously where Seldon's message is going to be coming from, it's so on the nose that it's even in the episode name ddd I do hate the slight Chosen One narrative around Salvor, the Vault used to be just a regular room where everyone had access to the hologram, this feels shallow. If I recall, the book Salvor was also opposing the Encyclopedists, but not Seldon.
  17. This show is a train wreck. The lack of consistent narrative and the failure to give one single character more than a half episode is infuriating (can anyone name a single person bar Brother Dusk, Brother Dawn or Brother Done?) I’m not rooting for anyone.

    It’s a shame because the premise is absolutely there. So is the budget. So are the visuals. It’s just a bit of a mess.
  18. The show is kind of starting to focus, despite
    introducing yet another romantic subplot ddddd
    They should've just released the whole thing at once, it would've flowed so much better.

  19. Guess it was inevitable but can’t say I’m too excited right now.

    This just about sums up everything wrong with the series so far ddd.

    Haven’t watched today’s episode yet though, hopefully it picks up!
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  20. I'm choosing to accept they did what had to be done to make it work on the screen, even though it's inferior to the pure thrills of the books. But then again, I've enjoyed Goyer's passion project/bad TV (TM) that was "Da Vinci's Demons", so I'm obviously happy just seeing Tenerife in sci-fi garb and a lot of budget thrown on the screen.
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