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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. And Fuerteventura!

    This episode was a step-up, but if it wasn’t because of the psychohistory sub-plot… you wouldn’t know it’s Foundation ñññ

    I kinda screamed at the ending tho. We’re gonna have some sort of resolution to that?
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  2. Episode 4 was good. My friends who haven't read any of the books are really enjoying it so I guess this is the true target audience.
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  3. I’m quitting this show. A new pointless character every episode and I’m expected to be invested all while we have a hundred sub plots going with all these planets we haven’t even seen?

    Don’t even get me started on Brother Tween in episode 4.

    Such a shame because I really think it had promise.
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  4. Also, the script is so bad! The dialogue is infuriating.
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  5. I screamed.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Things seem to be ramping up! And this new storyline out of nowhere… I’m digging it.

    Even if this is just Foundation in name only, girl, I am living.
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  8. Loved this week's episode. Can I just say FINALLY.

    ~edit: Although I can't not be perplexed about the very thinly veiled commentary on imperialism and the typecasting of Muslim actors as Anacreon terrorists. We get it, Star Bridge is 9/11 etc.
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  9. A great episode this week. The pace felt disjointed during the first couple of episodes, but I think I just got used to it now.
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  10. This episode was messy again, but what a joy to see
    the iconic T'Nia Miller!
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  11. Whatever some of these storylines are… I am invested!

    I have no idea what the first crisis is going to be now, but that makes it even more exciting? ññ
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  12. The fact that episode 9 is called "The First Crisis" means we won't even go further than that in the first season. I-
    Some random thoughts:
    - They seem to be suggesting the latest Cleon is somehow faulty because of his suicide attempt and color blindness. End of a dynasty?
    - Loved the Luminist world!
    - Didn't quite like the visions-as-flashbacks that Sal is having, but kind of glad they confirmed Raych was innocent, and he saved Gaal despite what Seldon ordered him to do.
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  13. It’s basically Game of Thrones in space. The Crisis being the ‘winter is coming’ trope.
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  14. I'm really enjoying it, but still kinda waiting for something to happen.
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  15. This was basically the best episode so far! So much exposition, in a good way.
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  16. Yeah, I loved this one as well.

    But I’m screaming at how far the story is drifting from the books fff

    My guess is that they’re tangentially laying the foundations (heh) to some future storylines like The Mule and whatnot.

    Cause Gaal has to be a mutant, right?
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  17. Yeah, and Salvor too. Too bad they're doing that this early, since it was one of the best wig snatches in the whole series, figuring out what the Second Foundation was. Also the fact fake-Seldon already used the "First Foundation" as a phrase.

    Also, how unceremonious was Hugo's death? Unless he comes back and he did that on purpose, that was an awful bit. Not that I cared too much about him, but the beard ratio dropped significantly, so yeah
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  18. I really don't understand the lukewarm reception - the first couple of episodes were patchy and a bit slow, but post episode-4 it's been one of the best sci-fi shows I've *ever* seen. The genetic dynasty + Demerzel/Salvor storylines are edge-of-your-seat compelling to me.
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  19. Episode 8 was a blast too! At this point, it's clear it's "inspired by the concepts from the Foundation series" more than a direct adaptation. I just know it will leave us frustrated whenever it ends. Hopefully they will have some sort of endgame ready for an arbitrary number of seasons.
    The good:
    - The entire Luminist world storyline. What a rug-pull when I realized Empire hasn't changed one bit by the experience. My heart broke for Eto as well.
    - The Invictus storyline had a nice tension and I wonder if Salvor managed to steer the ship without being neurally linked. I'm kind of over the whole Anacreon revenge thing though. And hey, Hugo's alive, I guess, drifting through hundreds of kilometers easily.
    The bad:
    - The Gaal bits resolved a bit too quickly and too unsatisfyingly. She pressed "Pause" again for a century(!) because... she doesn't want to be left in the dark? But can't she literally see the future dddddd? I cringed when she broke that cheap display and that somehow destroyed a critical part of the ship. Guess she's not back until season 2, which will probably do a major time jump and function as a standalone story. In my eyes, she was a heroic protagonist to root for, and this is doing her no favors.
    - If the Thespin ships were close enough to the Invictus to do damage, wouldn't the black hole suck them in?
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  20. Just watched the premier, and what an interesting concept. The last ten minutes, whew, straight into episode 2 for me.
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