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Foundation (Apple TV+)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. I have just devoured episode 4 before bed. I am enamored with it's po-faced sci-fi expensive looking plots, it screams wealth, as a big old Empire should really.
    I'm happy we finally saw Gaal again!!!

    And it took me about half an episode to realise Joel from Neighbours played Hugo
  2. Don't @ me but I think I enjoy this more than I enjoyed Dune. I don't like the performance of the actress who plays Gaal and I find her story arc a bit dreadful but apart from that I'm hooked. Really happy this got already renewed for a second season.
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  3. Totally agree. Loved Dune, but literally found myself thinking 'I'd rather watch Foundation' throughout a lot of it.
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  4. Me three.
    I gotta say, I feel like everything's been building up to Episode 9. What a fantastic pre-climax.
    I've had the unfortunate need to read comments on the AV Club, and they're ripping this to shreds. People acting like this is the Bible, when the people from 70 years ago treated it like worthless pulp. I'm glad Asimov's work found appreciation of this sort nonetheless, since I think it's probably the crux of his career, and think he would've loved it.
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  5. Yeah the final scene of episode 9 was such a snatch. The whole season unfolded in such a great way and is really becoming exponentially interesting.
  6. Oh god yeah, it makes me really anxious that this also only has a 70% critics and a 56% audience rating on rotten tomatoes. I don't understand what people could want more from a Sci fi drama!? It's so good!
    Some insecure white straight geeks seem to have a problem with two black woman leading the cast...
    I also feel like it hasn't generated much buzz and I can't picture it generating big numbers for Apple. So it really surprises but thrills me that it's already renewed for a second season.

    I'm really looking forward to the Brother Dawn/ Brother Day confrontation in the final. Lee Pace is phenomenal in his role.
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  7. Episode 9 was a hoot! But I’m screaming at the amount of sub-plots they’re pulling out of those short novellas ffff

    I really hope Apple goes the opposite direction of Netflix when it comes to continuing their shows no matter the audience. Surely none of their shows is reaching the masses like others from other streaming services… and they don’t seem to care ññ

    I’m planning on reading the prequels and sequels for Xmas. Kinda excited to see what they bring to the main story and how the show reflects that using Asimov’s notes.
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  8. The finale was a fun little closer, obviously nowhere near episode 9 in pure thrills... Definitely look forward to season 2, but I do kind of agree with some of the criticisms I've seen.

    - Azura's punishment was beyond. I can't think of anything crueler really.
    - The Gaal/Salvor connection should've been obvious somehow, but they're more about shocks that came out of nowhere or were barely hinted at, rather than setting up Chekov's guns all over the place.
    - One major criticism that keeps gnawing at me is Eto Demerzel and her behavior. She's most at odds with Asimov's vision, and I have no issues with her being female or anything like that. Just that she's a robot who doesn't really follow any of the Robot laws. She's somehow reduced to being an obedient slave to the dynasty, no matter what, and even crazier to think that
    Eto Demerzel was the robot who put psychohistory and the salvation of mankind in motion.
    She killed two people and hurt herself. I think it would've just been simpler if she were... you know, just a conflicted human?
    - Despite the ending being this high emotional pay-off... Salvor literally threw away her entire life to land on a (deserted... erm, flooded?) unhabitable planet just to wait for her biological mother? A century later?! With her lover and her mother long gone? It truly was a reach.
    - Nice catch from Reddit

    Feel like they need a good hard-science person on the team to really make this go to a ten, but it's been a good one.
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  9. I would have drown myself in that pond right away ddd.
  10. Me though

    finally got round to watching this, I enjoyed it, I’ve not read the books so happy to treat it as it’s own thing

    Overall “visually” it looks gorgeous
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  11. So when is S2 due my Lil Seldon Sluts?
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  12. They were filming here again back in February/March. I imagine it won't come out until 2023.
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  13. 2023? I would've forgotten about everything by then.
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  14. I was afraid that the show would get canceled after season 2, so I really hope this is true.
  15. I finished reading the last book a few days ago, and... I have no hope they're even attempting to follow that. They already showed in the first season that they basically just cared for some titbits of the story (*^*^space^*^*), so I'll enjoy it for what it is ññ
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  16. I hope the creators have set out an end point,
    But I am looking forward more of this high space camp
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