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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nissl, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. I said I would make this thread for the few of us who liked them on X-Factor once they got eliminated, and here we are. They have their limitations but they're four very nice girls who managed to really connect with each other a few times during their run on the show, and that has me a bit curious. I'll check in on their social media once or twice a week to see what's going on and update anyone who cares.
  2. Delete this.
  3. Nope, this is happening and I'm going to enjoy it!
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  4. I'm on the fence about them, I like their personalities and I think they look good together aesthetically but that's about it. The only performance I liked from them was "Keep Me Hangin On" but i've just listened to the version on spotify and my god it sounds horrible?! I didn't realise they altered the live versions that much. I'm afraid to click on the others.

    Now lack of vocals is not exactly a deal breaker for me but they don't dance either, and don't really have much stage presence, so i'm not sure what else they offer.

    I think the only thing that could save them is if they work really really hard on improving in those areas and of course if they deliver some bops.
  5. Hold On sounds good, I think. The other performances, not so much.

    I agree that they would need to put in a ton of work over the next several months to make it. I think the biggest thing they are lacking is a killer instinct. They connected up and were decent a couple of times, but it seemed to be almost an accident. The rest of the performances they were just putting across surface-level positive emotions, almost glib. Not connected with the track or each other. Too comfortable, and thus dull if not irritating.
  6. Haven't really followed this series of X Factor apart from the random episode, but I did check out 4 Of Diamonds' performances every week and haven't been that impressed. They're not that great vocally and aesthetically I'm not a fan.
  7. There almost needs to be a Girlband Training Academy for them to go to. There's something there, but they need so much work in all areas and there isn't really the opportunity for them to do that - if they're signed they'll be straight in the studio before they're ready, and if not they'll either split up or not be able to gig around and improve.
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  8. They won't do anything. Most likely they don't even get signed.
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  9. They won't get signed. And given that they were put together specifically for the show, I imagine they'll split up not long after the tour.
  10. I agree, and also - for the record - think it's very unlikely they'll get signed as things are now. It would take massive progression and a change in mentality. Too bad there's nothing like the kpop training system in the west.
  11. Oooh, that sounds interesting, I know next to nothing about K-Pop. Do they all go to K-Pop finishing school or something?
  12. Kpop is run by independent labels called agencies. Each agency holds auditions every year, as well as approaching anyone of interest they come across on social media or even just walking down the street (not kidding, members of both SNSD and Twice were scouted that way). Those who stand out in some area - whether it's vocals, dancing, personality, or looks - become trainees.

    Trainees typically enter the company in their early teens, though some are as young as 10 or 11. They spend several hours a day every day after school working on dancing, stage presence, singing and/or rapping, etc. After anywhere from 1-10 years of training the agency will place them in their next group if they are good enough. Agencies typically debut a new boy and girl group every 2-4 years. Only a small fraction of trainees will make the group. It's a tough system but it produces results.

    If you want an accessible look into the system I would actually start on Youtube with Produce 101, where 101 trainees from a bunch of different agencies that were nearly ready to debut all competed against each other to make an 11-member group. There were some great performances on that show.
  13. This is very interesting. Also an absolute nightmare.
  14. Yeah it's rough but not that bad. It's like instead of doing after school sports in middle school they train at being pop stars. Ten years is extreme (in fact I'm only thinking of one Twice member, who transitioned from being a child actor), it's usually more like 2-4. People who get cut from the top agencies often can get work at smaller ones right away. And hey, the new top girl group is from an agency that doesn't mandate plastic surgery!

    Ok, so it's kinda bad.
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  15. 4 of Diamonds won't get signed.

    We don't need another flop girl band on the market, we have M.O for that.
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  16. Potential next big thing?
  17. Sorry to get off-topic, but that sounds interesting and I'll definitely look into it. Thanks!
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  18. They're 4 of the nicest girls ever and they have potential!
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  19. Were they a group before the show or auditioned as solo artists?
  20. They auditioned as a group, but were put together pre-show by producers because they wanted a girlband on.
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