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Four of Diamonds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nissl, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Rob


    Isn't Jonas Blue managing/producing their songs? I don't understand why he doesn't let them feature on a single to help get the girls some exposure. They're throwing out great tracks that deserve more attention.
  2. Looking at the songwriting credits on Spotify and did the Swedish pop star Loreen co-write Walk Away?
  3. Eating Me Up out tomorrow. First of a few releases apparently.

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  4. I wanna be excited but this type of release is usually just the label cashing in the songs they still have lying around before dropping the artist so...RIP?
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  5. Even if so better than nothing?
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  6. ‘Eating me up’ is one of their best releases so far. I hope they can gain some momentum on the streaming side, but their label hasn’t really invested much into them.
  7. I still want "Sick & Tired"
  8. Well, different! Hehehe
    I like it, tbh. Minus Carol's face expressions.
  9. The label sending those letters because they don't want to give too big a budget before they drop them:
    Are they gonna release, y'know, the fully shot video that's clearly there? I doubt they did all that just for the last 45 seconds.
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  10. Maybe is for the other songs they're about to release.
  11. "DIY Video" yikes...that's not a good sign.

    The song is okay.
  12. Eeek.

    The video has given me Can't stop the love by Neon Jungle vibes.

    The end must be near.
  13. Being in a UK girlband must be so depressing.
  14. WhatsApp Image 2019-09-25 at 20.50.59.jpeg

    Well, I'm gonna take this as a "yes".
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  15. Well it's no Maniac is it?

    Cute song though. And yay for budget.
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  16. One of the best girl group singles of all time.
  17. Not my fave, definitely.
  18. I've had "Long Way To Go" stuck in my head all weekend so there's that.
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