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Four Tet, General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. He released two great singles last year (and a fun Nelly Furtado remix) and I'm going to assume the former two are on it at least, but I, uh


    honestly can't tell.

    Tips on where to dig in, catalogue-wise, I'd recommend

    either of these two. Rounds being my personal favourite. Still very much beat-driven but it's got this whole lovely nostalgic "creaky old instruments dragged out of some rural school cupboard" texture going on, I've always had it mentally catalogued next to stuff like Sigur Rós et al. Who was a band that released albums once upon a time.
    And There Is Love In You, also excellent, pretty much 100% crystalline dub beats most of the time. If it takes you more than 0.2 seconds to clock what a bop this is, seek medical attention immediately, it might be terminal.

    He also does a lot of remix commissions for a lot of people, which range from "ma'am I need to eat" to managing to work magic with even the most terminal material.

    Also stream Crush by Floating Points. And Liquid Colours by CFCF. And Blue Spring by Nathan Micay. An-*vaudeville-hooked off stage*
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  2. SMG


    His Ally Pally show last May was insane.
  3. It looks like Teenage Birdsong is on the album and Dreamer isn't. Wonder what that means.

    I really think he should do a whole album with Nelly Furtado.
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  5. Sixteen Oceans is really lovely. It's bright and calming - just what I needed/wanted given… everything else in the world.
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  6. The one and only thing I question is why he felt the need to pull a Blond and slap five interludes pretty much back to back in the latter half, but that's just nitpickery, they're simply pleasant little pillow-tracks. Beautiful, beautiful album. Direct, vibrant to the brink of oversaturation, there's just so much color all the time. Probably the new most entry-friendly point in his catalogue, and one of his very best.

    @beyoncésweave you gotta hear this one.
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  7. [​IMG]

    It's so good! As you said, colourful is the word. Definitely shades of There Is Love In You in there, and also an almost complete lack of vocal samples, too? Beautiful album, especially for these times.
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