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Foxes - The Kick

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. I'm fully obsessed with "Dance Magic." It's been the most instant of all the tracks so far to me. I'm also really digging "Sky Love," and I think "Sister Ray" is cute. I'm about to listen to "Absolute" for the first time, but The Kick is shaping up to be a promising synth-pop affair.

    I need to check out her Friends in the Corner EP, because I still run "Love Not Loving You" into the ground.

    I forgot how Foxes is quietly capable of crafting great pop songs.

    Update: "Absolute" is so breezy. She's such a good woman.
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  2. The title track is *chef's kiss*
  3. Correct! I think it may be my favorite song of hers.
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  4. I wasn't crazy about Dance Magic when it first came out but that wobbly WAKE UP TO BREAK UP hook is such an earworm.
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  5. upload_2022-1-22_14-8-3.png

    Single artwork for "Body Suit".
    Out Wednesday - final track before the album on Feb 11!
  6. Kathleen is so beautiful and she uses more soulful shades to her voice in the verses and especially pre-chorus I haven’t heard her use before, and then the chorus hits. Truly gets me every time.
  7. Kathleen is perhaps my favourite shiny she’s put out in the last couple of years, it’s very uplifting.
  8. Oh, only a couple of weeks to the album? The came around quickly (considering how slow January has felt).
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  9. I like Kathleen more than anything from the album so far, which is a huge compliments since I love Sky Love, Sister Ray and Dance Magic.

    Dance and Friends in the Corner knock as well.
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  10. Got an email saying the release date was pushed back to end of February. Not the end of the world but with so much of the album out there already, it feels anticlimactic.
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  11. So she stays on brand eh
  12. I got the email about the CD. Some people got it about the vinyl.

    Do we know if the digital release was pushed back too? It’s still showing as the 11th of Feb on Apple Music.
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  13. Foxes and PIAS own stores are showing Feb 25 for the digital download now as well. It may be the case that other platforms need to update, but we'll see.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member the reason??! Sigh, it will be worth the wait!
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  15. I really like it. It’s very pretty.
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  16. Okay Body Suit is the first since Sister Ray that I'm really into. Feels like classic Foxes. Interest revived.

    The sax solo is absolutely stunning.
  17. "Body Suit" visualiser:
  18. Would it be a Foxes album without a shockingly bad rollout?
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  19. Just got an e-mail that the Glasgow Date is cancelled - not sure if the rest of the tour is.
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