Foxes - The Kick

I just cancelled my order from her store. Delivery was costing around €10 but I noticed Amazon have the CD + EP plus I get free delivery. God knows when it will be released at this rate but at least Amazon won’t charge until dispatch.

Apple Music still shows Feb 11th so maybe digitally it will go ahead as planned.
The CD being two weeks later makes absolutely no sense. At the very least she could do album signings/sell them as merch on the few dates left of the tour in release week! The only thing that would make any sense is the full release being delayed until the 25th but DSP’s haven’t been informed yet? But then this will make the tour a bit odd if the album isn’t out yet!
This is a new label from her last endless album campaign, isn't it?

Such a weird campaign, her website is still promoting the EP from last year... Nothing about the new album.
Oh you’re right, it is. She can’t catch a break with labels.
Honestly it's so frustrating to see so many incredibly talented women get stuck at the mercy of these shitty labels (both big and small) while there male counterparts seem to mostly just coast by - with much more support and less expectations and worse music.
psss... you will never find a perfect label.
A lot of the label issues stans complain about are caused by management or / and the artist.
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The snippet of "Two Kinds of Silence" has me in a chokehold right now. Based on the songs we have and the snippets above, this is shaping up to be my fave album from her.