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Frank Ocean - Blonde

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MYCAL, Apr 7, 2015.

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  2. I feel like fist pumping. This record will destroy me.
  3. Me too. I just have a feeling of absolute certainty that this album won't disappoint.
  4. I wish he would just surprise release it but July will do.

    I am feeling the fuck out of the title already.
    Give me that heartbreak record, Frank.
  5. My lover is back.
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  6. Took so long... Never a good sign for this kind of artist who is prided on his creativity. Sophomore Slump Sue out.
  7. Explain?

    He's prided on his creativity, not his speed.
  8. Fucking finally.

    Sky and Frank announced on the same day. God is real.
  9. I've heard nothing and already I can smell Grammy's.
  10. I will never forget when I saw him in concert in 2012.
    We locked eyes during forest gump. I swear it.
  11. Here for this. I was listening to channel Orange all last week. It's like we have ESPN or something.
  12. July though. At least now we know the waiting has a definitive end. Finally.
  13. He is coming.
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  14. It'll be hard for Frank to top his debut, but I think he can do it. I'd love something short and sweet (as opposed to a To Pimp a Butterfly/BEYONCÉ exhaustingly long opus).
  15. To be fair, most of this forum, myself included, would listen to just about anything over ESPN.

    I'm anxious(not anticipatory, not worried) to hear his interpretation of rap. I'm confident the album will be special but am just as assured it'll be a total grower, so the actual release date isn't as exciting as the subsequent days of figuring it out. I hope he doesn't release too close to Miguel, these two consist of most if not all of the male R&B I listen to and I'd hate to have to divide my already meager R&B attention span amongst them.
  16. Someone's never seen Mean Girls, ha. And Frank and Miguel seem sort of incomparable to me.
  17. I saw Mean Girls for the first time 3 weeks ago, the only reference I remember is "You can't sit with us".

    I'll see myself out now.
  18. Finally. I´ve been moaning for months about this release. This is best music related news this year for me along with Vulnicura.
  19. I'm still reeling from his beautiful cover of "At Your Best (You Are Love)".
  20. Intrigued, kinda hoping for a banger or a stadium-filling epic instead of more well-crafted mid-tempos and ballads.
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