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Frank Ocean - Blonde

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MYCAL, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. @Remyky22 thank you (as always) for articulating the same magic I found in Blonde so well. I think it arrived in my life at the perfect time and obviously that creates a bit of bias, but it certainly succeeds at creating an immersive world; it's simply up to the listener if it's one they find enrapturing or if it's simply too opaque to properly ascertain.
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  2. Regardless of my thoughts towards the entire album, I'm bumping to say that 'Self Control' still tears my soul apart and stands as a career highlight.
  3. I forgot about that song send help.
  4. He did something for i-D.
  5. [​IMG]
    "Frank wears necklaces and glasses model's own."
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  6. Fucking HELLO.
  7. I didn't instantly recognize him when I first saw that shirtless pic. He looks different.
  8. Frank and his bedazzled ass-cheeks celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday with a ball, it looked quite fun.

    Oh and Joanne was there too.

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  9. Frank's out here living his best life.
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  10. He


    Wait, there's a VHS or DVD of that Frank carpenter saga? Hmm.

    The packaging is pretty, though.
  11. I believe it’s only available today.
  12. Yas, got the CD! I missed out on the physicals of Blonde last year so I just had to get this. I'm also relieved we're finally getting the album in separate tracks.

    That being said, I'm not sure I'll even unwrap this. Those Blonde CDs are selling for $100+ nowadays and the vinyls are even more expensive.
  13. What is Endless exactly? A mixtape? I can only find a video for it?!?
  14. It was the “album” he used to scam himself out of his contract with UMG, right before he turned around and released Blonde independently.
  15. Oh wow really? Might snatch a CD copy as well then.
  16. Is it called "Endless" because the con stays endless?

    He's really selling physicals of unfinished songs and carpentry? Get that money I guess.
  17. The press release said it’s a full, remastered version.
  18. Oh. Carry on then.
  19. I wonder if these copies are actually legal. Don't Def Jam own the masters, and wouldn't they still be a little pissed off about the whole thing?

    Although it's odd that Def Jam never released it themselves considering what they probably could have earned from it.
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