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Frank Ocean - Blonde

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MYCAL, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. There may have been some sort of embargo on them, which is why we’re getting it a year later. I don’t think the site would still be up if they weren’t legal pressings.
  2. It’s a full mastered version? Someone buy train tickets.

  3. [​IMG]

    We do love some multimedia hustle.
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  4. Great, now I can cry to Frank Ocean while driving in video games AND real life.
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  5. New song out today. Like all of these one offs (outside of Biking, sometimes) I find it kind of boring and don't see myself listening to it more than a handful of times but it's pretty I guess.

    I was hoping he'd left the pitched vocals in 2017 though.
  6. Chanel though. Provider though.
  7. Zzzzz. And to think people here come for Lana.
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  8. K
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  9. Chanel is so, so good.

    I don't have a problem with the song but I do have a problem with him NOT TOURING...

  11. The song is alright...
  12. Well, this is a nice surprise. I'm all for jazz and pop standards getting a legitimate makeover (as in, actual investment in the song and its architecture, and not making a limp standards album meant for moms at supermarkets).

    This really finds its footing a minute in. That crash of overdubbed harmonies, yes. The vaguely aquatic feel in the background is nice. And, of course, his vocals are so warm and textured. (well, not the pitched ones obvz, which meh)
  13. Oh, this is lovely!
  14. Ray


    So how is that physical release of Blonde going? (serious question, actually, this and the Boys Don't Cry magazine)
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  15. I forgot I ordered the Endless vinyl and it still hasn’t come.
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  16. Ray


    Prepare for Endless wait.

    (He must be working with Sky Ferreira.)
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  17. The VHS tapes have started shipping this week so the CDs and vinyls should follow soon. I hope.
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  18. I've always loved Moon River (something about the melody and fairly minimalist lyrics), so I'm confused but pleasantly surprised by this.
  19. I literally don't understand how anyone could describe Frank Ocean as boring
  20. Random, cos he’s obviously topped it since, but Novacane came up on my Spotify yesterday. What a gem that is.
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