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French Divas Rate ~ C'est fini

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. God, the absolute questionable taste on display here.

    Y'all seriously got rid of Gigi L'Amoroso and S'il suffisait d'aimer?

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    Les Auteurs #15 (out of 15)
    Cœur De Pirate - Comme des enfants

    10 @soratami @Island | 9.1 @berserkboi
    2.5 @Ana Raquel @Ray | 3.5 @əʊæ

    5 - #81
    10 - #79
    15 - #78
    All - #78

    This song was in the bottom 5 for most of the voting period, only barely making it out of it towards the end. It didn't get many particularly high or low scores, so I guess it just didn't really make much of an impact on most of y'all, also shown by the fact it's one of the songs in the rate to get the least commentary.

    Cœur de pirate (real name Beatrice Martin) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been active since 2007. Since then she has released four albums and also provided soundtrack for Canadian TV show Trauma and (fantastic) Canadian videogame Child of Light. The name "Cœur de pirate" was chosen to give the impression of a band rather than a solo artist (an "& the Machine/Diamonds" moment). Originally she was going to go with "Her Pirate Heart" but ultimately decided to go with the French alternative when deciding to focus on writing and singing in French. She does, however, also have a fair share of English music, namely on her third album Roses. Her latest album en cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé was released last june, and I've seen it mentioned a fair share in PJ so it must have some fans.

    Comme des enfants, an piano-driven acoustic chanson, was the first single from her self-titled debut album. Both the song and the album were a big success in France, Belgium and Canada, and the album was nominated for the Juno and Polaris awards, two of Canada's most important music awards.

    And six years after release, this happened:

    Get those Disney coins Beatrice.

    Not much commentary for this one:

    @Ana Raquel (2.5) I like her, but not this.

    @Ray (2.5) Another squeaky diva. But I like the... Um... I'm really trying to like something... Let's say the xylophone.

    @əʊæ (3.5) twee in a way that I don’t find appealing

    @Maki (5.75) *indie voice intensifies*

    @Zar-Unity (8) She has a really sweet voice! I can see her making some
    really pretty and delightful chanson pop with lots of
    colorful personality to it.

    @berserkboi (9.1) Charmant (charming)

    A bop:

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  3. Oh wow.
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  4. The soundtrack Cœur De Pirate composed for Child of Light is absolutely gorgeous

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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Her Blonde album is pretty brilliant.

    When will Alizée?
  6. She's been doing that her whole career x
  7. Nice elimination, one of my lower scores. I expected it to leave pretty quickly.
    It kind of sounds like she's supposed to be singing in English.
    It's a cute song, but very forgettable, and the lack of commentary justifies that.

    And I'm really liking the soundtrack songs you posted @soratami.
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  8. I don't know why, but I've just never gotten into Coeur de Pirate, so Comme des enfants was one of my lowest scored songs on display here.

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    Variétés #12 (out of 12)
    Leslie - Et j'attends

    9.6 @berserkboi | 8.5 @junglefish @Conan | 8 @soratami
    4 @Gintoki | 5 @Riiiiiiiii @Empty Shoebox @londonrain @Ray @Filippa | 5.5 @londonrain

    5 - #76
    10 - #75
    15 - #71
    All - #77

    With this elimination we wrap up the "7 songs from 7 different sections" bottom 7 of the rate, and, to the suprise of (almost) no-one, the Mylène and Alizée section is the only one to remain intact. Et j'attends is quite the abnormality in the leaderboard, as it has a higher lowest score than almost every song until we reach the top 50. In fact, the first lowest score higher than 4 only appears at #47. However, the lack of really low scores is balanced by a lot of averages ones, with only five people rating it higher than 7.

    Leslie Bourgoin is a French Pop/R&B singer of Vietnamese and Polynesian descent. She became famous after participating in talent show Graines de Star in 2001, covering songs from the likes of Destiny's Child, Axelle Red and Natalie Imbruglia. Here she is covering Torn:

    (being 16 and in 2001 but looking like you're 30 and in the 80s, a true chameleon)

    Her debut Je suis et je resterai was released one year later, and she went on to release four more albums until 2013. Between her third and fourth albums there was a cancelled album of 80s covers, meant to have been released in 2008, including songs from, among other artists, this rate's very own Corynne Charby and Jeanne Mas. This was the lead single:

    Et j'attends was the second single from her second, and most successful, album Mes couleurs, released in 2004 (and also one of the first French albums I ever got), which also included Sobri, a Raï (Algerian folk music) inspired song that went on to become the biggest hit of Leslie's career:

    A duet with Moroccan-French singer Amine, Sobri was an example of the Raï&B genre, a mix of Raï music and contemporary Pop/R&B, that was quite popular in France during the last decade. Coincidentally, this song was produced by Djamel Fezari (AKA Kore), Leslie's husband. I guess I should be focusing on Et j'attends and not Sobri, but unfortunately there really isn't all that much to say about the former. It's a very cute slice of Pop/R&B for sure, and I wonder if it reminded anyone else of JoJo? Leslie has always given me "French JoJo" vibes.

    On to the commentary. Not much for this one either:

    @londonrain (5) If only the bus she was waiting for had also led this song in a more interesting direction... (kii)

    @Ray (5) There is a surprising amount of second-tier Eurovision entry wannabes in this rate.

    @əʊæ (5.5) nice enough, just unmemorable

    @Zar-Unity (6.5) Sounds like a nice chanson pop singer that would be good
    at singing thematic pop songs and soulful, R&B type of pop.
    The melody is alright, pretty nice production!

    @Maki (7) Nice, but doesn't stand out as much as the other songs here. I get slight Alicia Keys vibe from her. That outro vocals are a great addition.

    @berserkboi (9.6) - La Shola Ama Française :) (No translation needed this time!)

    I leave you with a bop from the American Leslie:

    It even starts with "I've been waiting" ("j'attends")
  10. Bopping to this on repeat now

    Anyway, next up we lose two songs from the same section in a row. Any guesses? I'll just say it's not Mylène, Alizée, Dalida or Céline.
  11. Au revoir, Kate...
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  12. Nooooo to au revoir Sheila or Carla!!!
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  13. Not either of them going next either, thankfully.
  14. I'm OK with this going, although there are worse songs left. I didn't expect it to last long anyways.
    Pretty interesting leaderboard situation, too, probably more interesting than the song itself.

    I predict that the next few eliminations will be from the 'Les Auteurs' section, too many songs and some of them are bland.
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    Les Auteurs #14 (out of 15)
    Axelle Red - Faire des mamours

    10 @soratami @Zar-Unity @Remorque | 9.4 @berserkboi
    2 @əʊæ | 3 @Ray | 4 @Empty Shoebox @Gintoki | 4.5 @junglefish

    5 - #69
    10 - #65
    15 - #76
    All - #76

    We finally lose a second song from a section, and, as @Maki guessed, it's one of the singer-songwriters. This is the first of two consecutive eliminations from that section.

    Axelle Red (real name Fabienne Demal) is a very popular Belgian singer-songwriter who has been active since 1993, the year when she released Sensualité, her biggest hit and signature song, and her highly successful debut album Sans plus attendre. She somehow also graduated as a lawyer that same year. The poor girl must not have slept at all in 1993. Since then she has released ten more albums, the latest, Exil, having been released this year. An interesting detail about Axelle is she's one of the few artists in this rate who don't have French as their first language. Having been born in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, French is only is second language, or possibly third since she actually released some music in English under a different alias (Fabby) ten whole years before her French debut.

    Faire des mamours was released as the second single from Axelle's fourth album Toujours Moi in 1999. Despite the album being a hit, Faire des mamours was actually one of her least successful singles. I chose it for the rate mainly as it's a big favourite of mine, and also because, with its Trip-hop/Ambient leanings, it definitely stands out from the rest as one of the most atmospheric and laid-back songs in the rate. I only actually discovered it when @Zar-Unity entered it in PJOPS, and turned out to be one of my favourite song contest discoveries ever, so thanks again @Zar-Unity!

    Did this chill bop leave you all relaxed... or just bored?

    @əʊæ (2) i was never into ASMR (I don't approve of the score but I have to admit this commentary made me laugh)

    @ray(3) I was waiting for the slow intro to end and then realised that slow intro WAS the song.

    @londonrain (5) This is so laid-back that it almost passes you by... but the mood fits the lyrics so well. Imagine if the guy had woken up while Axelle was jumping up and down on the bed over him...

    @Maki (5.3) Not a fan of this talk-singing sensual songs, but it's pleasant enough to not get even lower score.

    @Filippa (7) PJOPs 34. It’s not my kind of music but the song really grows on me.

    @Zar-Unity (10) My favorite chanson pop singer and this song is one of my
    top favorites by her. Very sensual and chill. Dreamy and
    atmospheric. And Axelle's vocals sound so beautiful and
    comforting to the ears. I absolutely love this late night
    Axelle groove and I'm proud to have been the one to enter
    this song into PJOPS a while back and catch the special
    interest of @soratami to end up including it in his French
    divas rate! It is a honor to spread the love of Axelle Red! (I mentioned it before but I'm glad you entered it!)

    And on the topic of PJOPS, those of you who haven't voted yet (and that includes me actually...) need to get on with it.
  17. Sensualité is only a 7 for me, sorry to say.
  18. "Faire des mamours" was out waaaaaaaay too early! Of course the majority here are doing Axelle Red wrong..(she is so underrated!) but hopefully at least "Sensualite" will make the top 10! (probably won't)
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