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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 47, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. So, since the phenomenal Une enfant du siècle (Alizée), there has been a lot of action on the french pop front :

    - A new album of Pascale Borel, formely known as the feminine half of Mikado. The first one (Oserai-je t'aimer ?) was amazing, this one is great too, between dance pop, french pop, variété... and strange covers (You Can Leave Your Hat On and Baby One More Time ! The first album had a beautiful Into The Groove cover)

    Poisson rouge (bad video sadly, but Pascale Borel is doing all by herself...) :

    - The first album of a young belgian girl, Mademoiselle Nineteen, lyrics by the genius Jacques Duvall of Lio's fame (Banana Split etc.). 60's influence. Amazing.

    Je ne vois que vous :

    Quelle importance :

    - Jenifer (former Star Academy winner) : I don't care for her, but she did last summer a nice little dance pop song, Je danse :

    - The sublime chanteuse Marie France has a new album, Kiss, also written by Jacques Duvall. Very rock.

    Un garçon qui pleure, duo with Chrissie Hynde :

    - Barbara Carlotti has a new album out. Good, but I'd rather post here her sublime cover of Les Nuits de la pleine lune (Elli & Jacno) and an old song of her :

    Les Nuits de la pleine lune :

    Cannes (not official video) :

    - A 3 years old single by Arielle Dombasle, which I love (remixes on ITunes too) :

    Où tu veux :

    And let's not forget the amazing album Philippe Katerine wrote for her (Glamour à mort).

    - Elisa Point & Léonard Lasry have released a very beautiful dark album, L'exception.

    Libre :
  2. I liked the last two Lorie albums a lot, '2Lor en Moi?' and 'Regarde Moi'.

    Old timers Mylene Farmer & Zazie remain my faves though.
  3. i like the weird ye ye stuff.


    and françoise's la question.
  4. So Jenifer's new album is good.
  5. I liked 'Sur le fil' even if it was Moves Like Jagger lite. Is the rest of the album better than that?
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  7. I really, really like Alex Beaupain.
  8. Well, it all has that surf guitar (I think that's what it's called?) sound, save for a handful of ballads. I wasn't reminded of Moves Like Jagger, though, and I just have a fondness for that sound. It might be a little samey if you tire of upbeat tracks with similar instrumentation. I like L'amour et Moi, Mademoiselle Fume, Les Jours Electriques, Prisionniere, Hello, and Sur le Fil. Honestly, I just play the whole thing at once, and it's nice, peppy background music. Blends together, but when I sit down to listen individually, each song can stand on its own and has a distinct melody.
  9. 'L'amour et moi' is really boring I think, 'Sur le fil' wasn't all that either. So yeah not exactly checking for Jenifer right now. It's all a bit too basic at the mo.

    Has anyone listened to the Génération Goldman album? I've ordered it from Amazon but I've only heard clips so far. 'Envole-moi' was amazing but nothing sounds like it matches up so far.
  10. There's one french song that constantly play on one of the most popular radio station here(Serbia), but I never figured out who is an artist, it's indie rock song and it goes something like whoooo ooooooh....que est que jeux...
  11. Granted, it is a generic album. Liking it is very dependent on your liking the genre. It's good mindless pop. Envole-moi is catchy - thanks for the tip.
  12. [video=youtube;ZyuHC9rC574][/video]
    I only found out that Zaho returned with this (ought to have been) smash which sadly flopped with her new album doing even worse. C'est Chelou is still amazing.
  13. ^ Oh that's very good actually! I've never heard anything from her before but that's great.

    And just after dismissing Jenifer's current stuff, I heard 'Les jours électriques' a few days ago! It's still not amazing but it's a step up from her last few singles, I hope it does well for her.
  14. The video for the new Shy'm single is out and it is rather amazing:


    This era has been flawless.
  15. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    The single choices were OK but On Se Fout De Nous flopping sort of ruined the era for me. Cameleon is a good album though. I remember when I first heard it, it was amazing.

    Has anyone got Mylène's Monkey Me? It's a pretty average affair really, I love the title track, Love Dance and A l'ombre but everything else seems bland. The dance/electronica sound was used sparingly and amazingly in Innamoramento and Avant que l'ombre and Point de Suture was great too, but her last two albums have been lacklustre. It's a very Madonna thing to do.
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  16. I don't think 'On se fout de nous' did that bad, it certainly got a very disappointing peak but its longevity has been brilliant and it's still not going away. It's 'Et si' I'm worried about, it's doing pretty terribly on iTunes right now.

    And yes, I've listened to Monkey Me! I quite like it, but it really is all about the trio of 'À l'ombre', 'Love Dance' and 'Nuit d'hiver' for me. The album as a whole is better than Bleu Noir but I wouldn't say it's amazing, no.
  17. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    Yeah it is definitely better than Bleu Noir, I think she benefited from getting Laurent Boutonnat back on board in a way. The font on the cover really pisses me off though, it's like MS Word 97 style.
  18. Oh yes, her artwork remains awful! I ended up replacing the cover on my iTunes with this fanmade one I found:


    Still not amazing (though it looks much better on iTunes) but it's infinitely better than the official cover.
  19. This is just.....perfect, she really become one of my favourite french artist with this album.
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