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French pop

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Farnaby, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. A&E


    Great new album from Izïa (fka IZIA):

    Canadian bopmaker AMÉ has a new song out:

    Mylène's offering M'effondre (originally from Bleu noir) as a taste of the upcoming live album:

  2. Does anybody like Guesch Patti?

  3. This kinda slaps ddddddddd
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  4. Hell, yeah!!
  5. Not even done listening to it that the chorus is already stuck in my head. Help me.
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  6. Sounds great!
  7. This might do it for you, all.


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  9. This made my day!

  10. Music video for "Parle à ta tête" is out and it's excellent:
  11. For all of us lovers of French pop: check here for a special song contest!
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  12. A cute Canadian bop

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  13. Discovered her this weekend as she opened for Kikesa. If you're into trap influenced R&B, this might be up your alley. Too bad the two songs I prefered from the set, one in a UK Garage vibe and the other one with neosoul guitar chords, seem to be unreleased as of now.

  14. Carla's already iconic single is trending on French Twitter and getting the recognition it deserves. It's apparently used a lot on TikTok lately, and a "Bim Bam Boum" challenge has been made out of it.

    Her impact.
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  15. Does anyone recommend any remixes of French pop songs? They seem to be relatively scarce.

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