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French pop

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 47, Jun 17, 2012.

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  2. I saw that Jena Lee is trending today because "J'aimerais tellement" has been sampled in this song.

    J'suis dans le carré vip mais je ne souris pas, I can't even.
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    Anyone like Alice et Moi? @Vasilios @Noir I think you’d love this

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  5. I've gone from bopping to stanning in a day
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    Anyone know what ever happened to Lescop?

  7. Anoraak can do no wrong.
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    Ok Louane feel your oats a bit!
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  9. I can't read that title without thinking of that K-Maro song dd.
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  10. Femme Like You was a bop. His mom used to be our French teacher in high school.
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  12. Loving this

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    I want a Lorie comeback.
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  14. [​IMG]

    The fourth round of PJXtra, the PJ song contest dedicated to non-English music, just opened and you're all invited to take part!

    Tens of different languages have been entered in previous rounds, with the winners so far being in Portuguese, German, Zulu and Swedish. Feel free to submit your French (or not French) faves!​
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  15. The iconic Julie Piétri has just released a 2020 mix of one of her (flop, bess her) 1989 singles.

    I love it. Must have listened to it 75 times yesterday on Spotify.
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  16. Lovely

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  17. I thought that Angèle had her own thread but nevermind. Anyway, she posted a picture yesterday which made it clear that she has a girlfriend now.

    I texted my father this morning telling him that when I was 15 the closest I could get to a homosexuality in pop were Madonna or Mylène supporting us and that I am happy and relieved that teenagers nowadays can find powerful referents among the most popular singers of their time.
  18. Pauline Chagne - Orange Sanguine

    Saskia - La mer

    Aude Langlois - Promesses

    Maë Defays - La Vie Entière

    Ryon - Esperanza
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  19. Orange Sanguine is absolutely iconic! In line for my personal Song Of The Year!! Thanks again for bringing it into my life through PJXtra @EscapismIsAnotherPrison !!
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