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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stuaw, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. New comedy on Channel 4. It's got Jack Whitehall and Simon from The Inbetweeners in it, and it's made by the guys who did Peep Show.

    Preview clip here.

    I do fancy love Jack Whitehall! Will anyone else be watching?
  2. No-one watching this? I loved it!

    "Vagina miner" has now entered my best friend's lexicon.
  3. I love it! Was never a fan of Peep Show so kinda surprised I like this. My favourite character is the one with the car and Jack Whitehall is rather cute.
  4. What's up with Jack Whitehall's jaw/chins?
  5. They're not between my thighs?

    Um, I honestly don't know.
  6. Haha!

    Well, as far as I can recall he was always a bit undershot, but his jaw looks proper..swollen.
  7. Yeah, I love Oregon! I can kind of relate to her in that I sometimes act all socially awkward, but I am nowhere near as bad as her.

    Vod is a what Jessie J is. I can't stand her!
  8. Yeah, ditto.

    I loved the line 'They're all the same... guys, not asians!' I actually used that today.
  9. I may have to start using the line "Suckle on my fuckle stick" ... JP definitely gets the best one-liners.
  10. "Wanna grab some lunch? We can have a mother fucking baked potato."
  11. Quite enjoying this, does bring back some memories of student living.

    Jack Whitehalls character... well I definately would! Even though he is a berk. I also like the one with the car (sorry, don't know the characters names yet) she reminds me of a young Jessica Haynes though. The show really is all about Jack and the girl with the Russel Brands head though.

    The one from The Inbetweeners is just the same character, I don't know why they didn't just have him being the same guy, as a spin off to The Inbetweeners..

    I'll certainly keep watching though.
  12. A cunt.
  13. No, it's the cool new PJ slang.
  14. Anyone still watching this? Tonights episode started off good but turned into something from Skins by the end of it. I preferred the first few episodes. This show writes uni life/awkwardness so well, I wish it'd stick to that rather than trying to delve too much into the deep stuff.
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