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Frida Sundemo (Swedish pop) - Dear, Let It Out (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by He, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. He


    I found Frida Sundemo while browsing Scandipop and she has been quite a revelation. She is a Swedish med student turned singer-songwriter.

    Her simple yet charming songs are beautiful. They carry a nice blend of guitars and electro sounds.

    She has an album out (in Japan), so I'm sure many of you have heard her before. The album hasn't been brought over, though. I think something might come out soon, since she is getting a bit of promo material on the internet.

    In the meantime, listen to three songs (all great and different):

    Towers (a summery beat with melancholic lyrics):
    I Was Surrounded (sweet, lovely and sad tune):
    Dear, Let It Out (album title track, with a haunting electro beat):

    There are two more track in her myspace:
  2. She's quite special.

    'I Was Surrounded' is her newest track and is available as a free download here;

    I haven't heard anything about a new album, just that she's touring this summer to reach a wider audience. And 'I Was Surrounded' is the first thing she's released outside of Japan.
  3. Pfff excuse me, how come no one is discussing these BRILLIANT tracks via this synth.siren? This is popjustice material at it's best. Can't stop playing "Dear Let It Out".
  4. Besides, she's a hottie. Well perhaps she's more in the "cute" corner
  5. This is such an amazing discovery, thank you so much He!

    Dear, Let It Out is gorgeous, I love the synths and her voice. She sounds a bit like Psapp mixed with Lykke Li.
  6. Wow, I'm loving this. Towers and I Was Surrounded are very light, uplifting and summery. They do indeed remind me somewhat of Psapp, but also of Blondfire. The pace of Towers is amazing.

    Dear, Let It Out is darker, more synthy. Shows me she's not an artist with samey songs.
  7. Is there anywhere to purchase this that isn't in Japan?
  8. He


    I don't think there's a way to purchase them (except the free download of I was surrounded).

    It's a shame, really.

    Her voice is really distinctive and her music has a lot of charm. It is varied in sounds but her vocals and feel bring cohesion to the material.

    Sad not many seem interested.
  9. 'Towers' sounds like a track taken from Saint Etienne's very own Foxbase Alpha, if a bit juggled and mixed for contemporary pleasure. This girl is a must for any fan of quality melodic pop, especially taking into consideration her amazingly sweet voice.

    I've been trying to get this album all over web without any kind of luck, and it is not even on eBay yet, for Christ's sake.
  10. He


    Yes, those melodies are really something. She seems to have a knack for writing vibrant songs and then wrapping them in sweet but wistful vocals.

    You should listen to I Am Not Aware., it's at her myspace (

    It is very nice, if a bit demo-ish, and has, once again, a great melody with some dreamy synth beats.
  11. This is... sort of amazing. I can also totally see how this fits into the landscape of Japanese pop, as it's quite breezy and a bit "muzak-y" in a really charming seventies sort of way. 'Towers' is really special and makes me quite happy. I would very much be interested in spending a chunk of my modest paycheck on importing this record.
  12. What the fuck is in the water over in those Nordic streams?! Freakishly talented people, truly.

    And Towers, while a bit too Gran-Turismo-main-menu / little-French-cafe sounding to me, is just amazing. It's mesmerizing.
  13. He


    Yes, I can totally see the appeal she could have for Japan. In the end, she wouldn't be out of place in an anime soundtrack. Her sweet vocals and fresh sounds make her very approachable.

    Having said that, I also think there's some depth to her music, so far. It radiates that which the rest of Sweden's top acts have given us plenty of times: wistfulness.

    I really hope she plans to re-release her material over here in the west.
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