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Friendly Fires - Inflorescent

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by moorje, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. There's still an audience for them. Just not a very large one.
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    Inflorescent is a great album, but their weakest. When you have their debut and Pala in their catalogue that’s...not a surprise. Silhouettes and Almost Midnight in particular are among their career peaks.
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  3. I for one really enjoyed Inflorescent. I still play it regularly and I feel like it has some real career highlights on it. Offline, Run With Wild Flowers, Cry Wolf and Silhouttes are amoungst the best things they've done.

    The wait between albums was too long, but the output is still there and hopefully it's a trajectory they can continue to build off.

    Their live shows were also great and it was fantastic to have them back.
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  4. Inflorescent is next to Songs For You as the best album of last year for me. I didn’t expect them to return after all these years with music as good as their previous collections. Not a single dud to be found on it. And considering the state of the world right now (and the fact that it’s going to be in the 90s all week here), I’m craving any and ALL “drinks by the pool” schticks.
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  5. Funny story, my friend in college bought Pala on CD in fall 2012 and I loved the cover but forgot to listen to the album.

    I was really into the singles from Inflorescent and holy fuck did I do myself a disservice for neglecting to listen to Pala for 7 years. All 3 albums are phenomenal
  6. I finally snatched a purple copy because the Sound of Vinyl's UK store has it for $13USD and that's even cheaper than shipping the black version
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  7. Pala is 10 years old today.

    Am i streaming the euphoric one-two punch of Pull Me Back to Earth and Chimes tonight? Yes.
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    AN ALBUM. Hurting remains one of my all-time favourite songs.
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  9. This album was done dirty on the last tour. 'Blue cassette' is a BAWP.
  10. Pala is one of the greatest summer/tropical-escapism albums of all time. Truly such a lush album from start to finish, and a lovely nostalgia of my early 20’s attached to it.
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  11. Pala is really THAT album. Blue Casette, Hurting, Hawaiian Air, True Love? All career highlights.

    There's this amazing ambience to Pala too that I would absolutely love to hear them explore more in the future. We got a glimpse of it again with Run The Wild Flowers but I really think that is where they could find an incredible sound.
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  12. K94


    One of my fave albums and still their best yup yup. Just meticulous, perfect pop start to finish. Hurting is still an 11/10.
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  13. Ed features on a track on the new Purple Disco Machine album, and it sounds like it could be lifted straight from Inflorescent. Poolside disco grooves at their best.

    Brilliant album overall, for anyone yet to discover it.
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    Ooh thanks for this!!
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