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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I remember there are a couple of episodes where certain characters only appear for one or two scenes - Monica and Chandler definitely have one episode each where they only feature briefly - can anyone remember which these are?
  2. There's a bunch of episodes where David Schwimmer aren't in them that much, either because he was directing the episode or he was filming Band of Brothers. Those occurred in season 7.
  3. I just don't get people who hate Emily in Season 4 at all. She was a blast and so sweet.

    In Season 5 they changed her but that was only as they knew Helen wouldn't be coming back due to her pregnancy so they made her unlikable for that reason. Then again I also see where she's coming from aswell if my husband said an ex girlfriends name at the altar and I decided to give the marriage a chance I wouldn't want him anywhere near her afterwards either.
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  4. I would leave the altar immediately after the man of my dreams said his ex-girlfriend's name instead of mine. Screw the rest of the wedding.
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  5. I guess it depends on each individual and how they would react. She was humiliated but running off in the middle of the ceremony would probably be even more humiliating for her in front of her family and friends. I actually found it realistic of her to go on with it then punch him afterwards when out of view of everyone.
  6. It's a TV show for laughs.
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  7. Mainly because the role was originally offered to Patsy Kensit who turned it down because Liam Gallagher didn't want her working in America for months at a time. She would have been amazing.
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  8. I thought Helen was amazing.
  9. Genuinely don't understand how people like her? Like fair enough be ambivilent towards, but what was there to like? I'm genuinely asking? All she did was tell Joey off for eating toblerone and make that one joke about stealing a doorknob from the museum. She was such a nothing character in a show full of such well thought out characters.
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  10. She was a supporting character in a show that had six lead characters. She was never supposed to get joke after joke.

    For me Helen brought a warmth and sweetness to the role in her scenes and she and David had a lovely understated chemistry that was a very refreshing change after all that "We were on a break" drama.

    If Helen hadn't gotten pregnant the role could've grown in Season 5 and that will always sadden me. Apparently she was to return in Season 10 for an episode but turned it down such a shame. I think the Cold Feet reboot really misses her too.
  11. I think that people generally disliked her because she's the reason the show's dream couple Ross and Rachel could not be together.
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  12. Emily was a worthwhile character for Jennifer Saunders' appearance alone.
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  13. Monkey boy dddddd
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  14. I think that your bizarre hatred of Rachel is clouding your judgement of how Emily actually came across.
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  15. Only I don't hate Rachel she just annoyed me in many episodes and was my least fave of the six. Bizarre? I know many who feel the same about her aswell.
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  16. That shot of Rachel appearing in the doorway after Ross and Emily announce their engagement is so heart wrenching.
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  17. I saw a hilarious blooper reel on my Facebook news feed last night and now I can't find it anywhere. It actually had bloopers I'd never seen before and wasn't a montage that was from a YouTube link. It had Courteney messing up a line and saying "oh like you never messed up 12 times a minute ago" to Matthew who pulls a shocked face, Lisa directing a line at Jennifer who wasn't even in frame and had to run from the other end of the set to get into position just to say "yeah?", numerous outtakes from Chandler's 'sex face' scene and tons of other stuff that had me screaming.

    It's pissing me off I can't find it anywhere now. The ones on YouTube that keep popping up (though still hilarious) are usually the wet paper towel outtakes, the "arse" outtakes and the bagpipe scene but I really want to find these other ones again.


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  18. Wow, thank you for posting this- I hadn't seen most of these!!

    I guess it's because they're on stage and ~in character~ but it's funny to see how similar they were to their characters back then.
  19. Did Phoebe ever get her own 'best of' clipshow episode? I remember the others all having one, be it as 'the story of Ross and Rachel' or whatever.
  20. How I hate clip shows.
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