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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I don't think she did. The Ross and Rachel one was with the invintation to his and Emily's wedding. Monica and Chandler had one when they were writing their vows. Chandler and Joey had one when Chandler forgot to tell Joey about an audition I think. Joey had another one with the soap opera digest interview.
  2. I don't remember this one. I remember all the others and all their titles, dddd, but this one must escape from my memory.
  3. This bold bit made me cackle! Thanks for that!

  4. I just re watched this ep that "Shhh doogie shhh" at 1.34 still kills me.
  5. I never not laugh my ass off at Joey's "....some girl ate Monica!"
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  6. So I started watching this series for the first time a few weeks back. I just started S4. Ross is hands down one of the most insufferable characters from a TV show during that time period
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  7. You wanna know the horrible thing about all this? Ross from season one to season four was the best Ross with a brief, albeit smaller, return to this form during season eight. Every other season, he was awful.
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  8. Solenciennes

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    He was, but I grew to really appreciate that in later seasons because the other characters bounce off him and if nothing else, the way he behaves is more like how regular human beings behave (irrational, jealous outbursts and oblivious and ignorant) than the usual TV tropes of The Male Romantic Lead.
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  9. I didn't find Ross at all insufferable.
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  10. I actually didn't like Ross in the earlier seasons because he was set-up to be the typical 'Male Romantic Lead.' He was so dull, and I never bought him as that. I didn't start enjoying him until he became the crazy, irrational Ross we got in the later seasons who had more to do than just pine after Rachel.
  11. I think the reason Ross is not liked as much as the rest is not because he's the typical MRL, but because he was too doormatty and "boring".
  12. He's always playing the victim when he's a shitty person. He's very quick to put down people and has a terrible superiority complex. He thinks everything is owed to him without doing anything. He lacks self-awareness and I'm amazed no one (so far) has called him out on it

    Definitely not the type of person you'd expect Rachel to like and eventually end up with
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  13. Ross has so many awful moments but I think my worst one is where he kicks off that he didn’t get a ‘goodbye’ from Rachel before she was due to go to Paris. He could be a real jerk.
  14. So could Rachel.
  15. I think people do too much complaining about Friends. None of them were perfect and they could all be rather horrible, short-sighted, petty and malevolent when the mood (read: episode) took them.

    Basically like anyone else in their 20s.
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  16. Courteney Cox deserved an Emmy nomination.
  17. I will say that I love Friends so much that even I who likes to complain, never actively thought about negative things about the show, other than some middle seasons not being as funny as the others. It's just the best sitcom ever.
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  18. I think the writing just deteriorates once Friends leaves the nineties however I can still find something funny from each of the noughties seasons (and enjoy Mondler My fave couple)

    Nineties Friends however is freaking flawless I can happily watch 1 - 6 without skipping.
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  19. She totally did. I remember at one point thinking ‘meh Monica was never THAT funny’, but she totally is. As funny as Rachel or Phoebe?? Heck nah!! But as funny as the boys?? Absolutely.
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  20. She should have got a nom for an episode with Fat Monica, or the episode where they do the lottery.
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